Disgusting: Yarmouth Cop Killed While Serving A Warrant

He was just doing his job, and now, because of a trigger-happy scumbag, he’s never going home again.

Thirty-two-year-old Sean Gannon was shot in the head by a career criminal with at least 111 charges on his record. The shot was fatal.

Police said that Officer Gannon and his K9 partner Nero were trying to serve a warrant at a home on Blueberry Lane in the Marstons Mills section of Barnstable at about 3:30 pm on April 12.

Time reported that they were searching for the suspect in the attic of the house when he opened fire on them.

Officer Gannon, 32, was fatally shot in the head. The Massachusetts State Police (MSP) said that Officer Gannon’s K9 partner was also seriously injured, the Boston Herald reported.
Source: TheMaven

What kind of a guy was he serving with this warrant?

Yarmouth Police Lieutenant Steven Xiarhos called him a “notorious and violent criminal” when he was arrested for stabbing a man who had just gotten out of prison in December of 2017.

Leftist groups from BLM to the NFL press us to be perpetually outraged at our police. But all the genuinely outrageous stories they might point to about police taking force too far have to be weighed against the other stories we all know to be true.

Honest cops getting paid less than their contribution to society deserves, are facing dangerous situations while working crappy shifts.

And those who cross that line, we have a name for them. Criminals.

And they should be treated as such.

But if you’re ever tempted to buy into the cynicism, stop and ask yourself — how many of us NOT in law enforcement have any likelihood of getting shot in OUR regular work day?

Heroes like Sean Gannon are the sort of cops we should give our attention to when we think of when we think of law enforcement.

Here’s to you Sean, and to those you leave behind, may they find comfort and consolation in the fact that you were one of the good guys.

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