DISGUSTING: Major Website Says, ‘White Athletes Standing For Anthem Are Standing For White Supremacy’

It’s all about the ‘privilege’, apparently.

White Privilege.

Is there any other kind in the minds of the Leftists in 2017?

Are these people high?

In an article on the Huffington Post, seemingly white author, Jesse Benn, says any white player still standing for the anthem are standing for ‘white supremacy’.

[Editor’s Note: I say ‘seemingly white’ because you just never know these days. Appearance isn’t always an accurate indication of ethnicity.]

But to Benn, it’s all about the whiteness.

The absence of white athletes kneeling for the anthem Sunday was a particularly illustrative moment in white privilege.

See, for white athletes the anthem and American flag do represent freedom, liberty and whatever other amorphous American values one might ascribe these symbols. So, from their view, kneeling would be disrespectful to the privileges a white supremacist nation affords them.

We’ve all heard the typical argument against kneeling. “Kneeling during the anthem disrespects the flag and the soldiers who fought for your right to protest and blah blah blah patriotism!”

So, America is bad to black people?

After we literally fought a war with our fellow countrymen to end slavery?

And soundly rejected (well, except for Democrats,) segregation and racist Jim Crow laws?

This is a country where a black Minister, decades after his death, is still hailed as a hero by Americans of every color for his Civil Rights Activism.

This is a country that recently elected a black man for president twice.

We have moved forward with equality.

And to say that we haven’t is disingenuous.

This is a country that has people of all color represented in every area of success, including the most visible forms — athletics, music, politics, and Hollywood.

Are there still problems? Sure. Show me one place in the world that doesn’t have problems.

America is still a beacon of light to the world when it comes to freedom for all.

If this country is so very ‘institutionally racist’, then which country should we emulate, hmmm?

South Africa? Apartheid.

Sudan? Ethnoreligious conflict.

Syria? Oppression.

Germany? Open Borders has shifted the culture and rape is an epidemic.

The United Kingdom? Same as Germany, but with more frequent terror attacks.

Canada? They have Islamic ‘blasphemy’ laws and tamp down Free Speech. They also have their own linguistic divide between French and English — with one province threatening to separate every once in a while.

See, they’ve all got their own problems.

But we’ve largely solved ours here.

Benn goes on to give his reasons why it’s all about the ‘whiteness’:

This isn’t a matter of opinion. Statistics reveal disparities along racial lines regarding wealth, education, healthy food, employment, health care, housing, wages, criminal charges/sentences and practically every other imaginable measure of quality of life. This isn’t a mistake of history or attributable to individual or cultural traits of the oppressed. These are the results of centuries of systemic white supremacy, plain and simple.

Anyone who professes to care about America’s alleged values should be fighting to extend them to those they’re deprived. If they aren’t full of shit, that is.

It’s not about choices, or not taking opportunities available?

It’s not about the cultural divide — or the systematic destruction of the black family from within?

It’s not about absentee fathers or the rising instances of ‘Baby Mammas’?

It’s not about the Democrat policies that govern the inner cities that keep people dependent on government instead of self-reliant?

It’s not about hiring teachers for the color of their skin rather than their ability to read?

It has nothing to do with schools lowering the standards of education — the ticket out of poverty for many — to appeal to ‘identity politics’?

It’s not about the glorification of hip-hop gangster culture and tied directly to the aforementioned absentee fathers?

Really, it’s not about any of that?

Then why do so many rise above it and achieve success?

It’s about a system based on ‘white supremacy’ says Benn.

And if you disagree, you’re probably racist, too.

Understand this. White supremacy — as in the structures of opportunity, the legacy of/ongoing oppression of non-whites, and the asymmetrical hoarding of resources by whites — is what affords us the privileges that limit our view, making a peaceful act of protest seem offensive in spite of the broader context of what’s being protested. And the ignorant result of that privilege was on full display Sunday as white players stood next to their black teammates.
Source: Huffington Post

Well, I’d say that was ‘educational’, but it wasn’t.

Watch Doug Giles talking about the NFL protest here:

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