Disgusting: Listen To The Excuses Given By The School Shooter’s Revolting Defender

To hear him tell it, he’s a weak, defenseless kitten.

Gee, maybe we’re wrong to be so choked up about the trail of bodies he left behind. Surely he’s the REAL victim! Oh puh-LEASE.

The poor kitten is on suicide watch.

Our readers may have some thoughts about that. Let’s just say we’re not feeling very sympathetic to the sob story they’re setting up. We really don’t care HOW hard his life was, nothing excuses this.

A cowering Nikolas Cruz was comforted by his public defender as he was ordered held without bail during his first court appearance on Thursday…

Standing next to him was his public defender, Melisa McNeil, who comforted him by putting a hand around his shoulder.

After the hearing, Cruz’s defense team revealed that he was on suicide watch and that he understood the magnitude of his actions.

McNeill told reporters gathered outside the courtroom that her client was sad and remorseful.

‘He’s sad. He’s mournful. He’s remorseful. He is fully aware of what is going on, and he’s just a broken human being,’ she said.

She became emotional while speaking to reporters, saying she’s fully aware of the impact the shooting has had on the community, as a parent herself.

‘I had to have the exact same conversation that every parent in Broward had to have with their children this morning, then I had to walk and meet with him,’ McNeill said. ‘I’m fully aware of the impact this has on the people who live here.
Source: DailyMail

Oh. He’s ‘deeply sad’.


Do you know who ELSE is ‘deeply sad’? And ‘broken’?

The families his selfish spate of carnage shattered.

Cruz was initially taken to the hospital to be treated for ‘labored breathing’.

Well, at least HE gets to keep breathing. Not everyone at that school has that luxury.

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