Disgusting: Kaepernick’s Lawyers Are Now Going After Papa John – Here’s The 411

In case you didn’t already have enough reasons to dislike Kaepernick … here’s another one.

Unlike Kaepernick, who didn’t play a single game this year, Papa John founder John Schnatter actually DID have skin in the game … and when he spoke out about it, he was no longer CEO of the company he founded.

Maybe you remember the story. As a result of the ‘take a knee’ crapola, ratings and viewership were down. For a major corporate sponsor of the league, whose name and reputation had been tied to that very same game, that’s a problem.

In fact, when the Left takes action, that’s the point of their boycotts — to drive away sponsors… and hit people in the bottom line.

Not only was he ousted from his own company for speaking out… he is being sued by Colin’s lawyers.

If you missed the Schattner story, you can catch up easily enough. We covered both aspects here:

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So, Colin’s legal team has launched a case over it. Typical of the ‘resistance’ they even used their new favorite buzzword. Collusion.

And yes, they said ‘collusion’. So of COURSE they’ve worked the President into this.

Former Papa John’s CEO John Schnatter has been informed that Colin Kaepernick’s legal team seeks to depose him as part of the quarterback’s collusion case against the NFL, according to a source with knowledge of the situation.
…Schnatter was quickly out as CEO in the aftermath of his comments. Kaepernick’s legal team, which is already in the process of reviewing close to 100,000 documents in the evidence-gathering stage of the case, filed a grievance in midseason against the NFL. They believe one or more agents may have acted with owners and/or the league office to collude against Kaepernick, who never received a workout after being released by the 49ers last year.

His team will probe at possible ties between Donald Trump and NFL owners as well through the upcoming deposition process; Trump is close with several owners and called kneeling players “son’s of b——” and imploring owners to “fire” them. Jones, in public remarks, revealed that he discussed the NFL’s game-day rules regarding the national anthem, and he is one of several central figures in the grievance. Kaepernick’s lawyers will interview several other owners and league officials as well.

Is it possible — just possible — that stunts like this are EXACTLY the sort of reason nobody likes him?

Hiring a chain smoker at a fireworks factory might be a more manageable risk than bringing in a professional activist that doesn’t mind attacking the profitability of very institution that made him rich.

Did anyone happen to notice all those empty stadium seats? (We’ve got pictures.)

Was that really a problem BEFORE Mr. Pig-socks and his buddies decided to crap all over the fan base?

But Heaven forbid someone whose business was slammed over it speak up.

It’s ‘collusion’. With Trump.

I hope Schattner counter-sues. And soaks him for everything he’s got.

Maybe then ‘Kap’ will have to get himself a job. Or at least go away.

If America’s such a rotten country, go find one you like better. And stay there.

Like Clash? Like Clash.

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