Disgusting Democrat Lawmaker STEALS Scholarship Money From Kids – And It Gets WORSE

You’ll hardly ever hear their names in the news (too busy talking about Russia) but there’s a parade of Dems dealing with scandals lately.

It’s not just Hillary and her Uranium scandal.

It’s not just Franken and his sex scandal.

Nor is it the various discoveries of power being abused during Obama’s administration.

It’s not just Democrat Bob Menendez and the charges of corruption and associating with underage prostitutes.

All of those would be bad enough.

Here’s another name for the parade.

Now we’ve got a Democrat not just accused or charged with a crime, but she’s actually been convicted.

What’s the crime?

Stealing from a Charity.

Corrine Brown, a former longtime United States representative from Florida, was convicted on Thursday of taking for herself thousands of dollars in donations that were meant to fund student scholarships.
Source: New York Times

She’s a fraud. Literally.

Ms. Brown, 70, served in the House of Representatives for more than two decades and was one of the first African-Americans elected to Congress from Florida. But she lost her seat in a primary election in August, just weeks after she was indicted on federal conspiracy and fraud charges.

In all, a federal jury in Jacksonville, Fla., found Ms. Brown guilty on 18 of the 22 counts in an indictment that charged her with conspiring with others to run the fraudulent charity, filing false tax returns and other crimes, according to the Justice Department. She faces a lengthy prison term. No sentencing date has been set.
Source: New York Times

Stealing money from who?

From students. Probably poor ones.


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