Dick Morris: Hillary’s Uranium One Scandal May Involve Treason – Here’s Why

Treason is a big word. But he’s pretty specific about why it’s not hyperbole.

For all Mueller’s interest in ‘Russian Collusion’, you’d think he’d have something to say about the scandal that took place under his nose, while he was running the FBI.

If he’d done his job — the Uranium deal would never have gone through.

Hillary Clinton's Uranium One Scandal may involve TREASON! –D…

Hillary's Uranium One Scandal may involve TREASON! –Dick Morris

Posted by Deep 6 The Deep State with Dick Morris on Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Let’s back up a little.

In 2010, with Obama’s team in office, we saw a ‘Russian Reset’. Obama and Hillary were the principle players in that farce, remember?

This is the same country that, in the 2012 election cycle, Romney was mocked for calling a geopolitical threat.

It’s the same country that — today — Obama and Hillary (the very people who tried the ‘Russian Reset’) are going nuts about.

“Russian Collusion.” Remember this?

Even before the election, the Clash Team was asking some questions about this so-called ‘Russian Collusion’.

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But that wasn’t even the issue Dick Morris was raising. He went further back — to the Uranium One sale.

FBI — under Mueller — learned that Russia was trying to bribe its way into gaining access to a more of the world Uranium supply. That information would have been enough to invalidate the Uranium sale. For some reason, Mueller sat on that information.

A Canadian company (Uranium One) has US mining rights. And Russia bought up shares in that company.

News outlets, including Fox, that had reported that Uranium had never left the country — were wrong. Morris tells you where it went, and where it might be going.

Hillary and Obama, again and again, were giving away the store to Putin.

Morris makes his case for why this whole story smacks of treason.

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