DEATH BY MOUNTAIN DEW: Teen Goes Belly Up Chuggin’ On Liquid Crap

This is tragic. And completely preventable.

A healthy 16-year old drank a McDonald’s Latte, an unidentified energy drink, and a large Mountain Dew, which caused a heart arrhythmia that was fatal.

Davis Cripe of Chaplin, South Carolina, drank the excessive amounts of caffeine over the course of 2 hours and collapsed in a classroom at Spring Hill High School.

Cripe’s death occurred on April 28, but the coroner has just released the information that the cause of death was indeed a caffeine-induced cardiac event.

Here’s what parents need to know:

CLASHDAILY PRO-TIP: Don’t let your kids drink this crap!

H/T: WYFF 4 and Fox 32 Chicago

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