Dear Sports Fans: Pathetic ESPN Didn’t Mention Trump During College Championship Game

The Sports Media (D) is continuing with their anti-Trumpism over at ESPN, and it’s utterly deplorable.

ESPN has been deliberately infusing their sports commentary with politics.

They’ve been doubling-down on the ‘progressivism’.  Whether it’s following their comrades in the political Media (D), the Hollywood elites in the anti-Trump blather, or simply voicing their support of the oppressed millionaire athlete victims of racism that kneel for the anthem, ESPN has been laying all of its leftist cards on the table.

Just look at ESPN’s spiraling meltdown into unabashed progressivism:

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That has inevitably led to this:

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Kevin Scholla over at Breitbart wrote a really great piece about ESPN completely ignoring the President at the CFP National Championship.  Even during the pre-game ceremonies that he took part in.

We learned a couple of things during the CFP National Championship Monday night in Atlanta: First, we learned that President Trump is wildly popular. Second, we got a reminder that the clowns at ESPN are as unethical, cowardly, and pathetic as ever.

All ESPN is really doing at this point is making themselves look silly. The network that swoons over Colin Kaepernick and Mike Vick just can’t face the facts. They hang on Steve Kerr’s every word but try to silence the Commander in Chief. President Trump is here to stay and Americans love him. Sports fans love him. Patriots love him. ESPN can’t take it.

You know what a whole lot of Americans are saying regarding ESPN’s dilemma of standing by their leftism while alienating conservative viewers?

ESPN doesn’t get the love for President Trump because much like Hollywood and the rest of the Media (D) they don’t want to discuss the tax cuts, the booming economy, the historically low unemployment rate, the squashing of ISIS, the securing of borders, and the general awesomeness that is America right now.

People love President Trump, period.

Listen to the cheers:

Listen to that roaring crowd and the chants of ‘U.S.A.’!

There’s no denying that if it had been Obama attending the title game and taking part in the pre-game ceremonies, they would have mentioned Barry’s name about 673 times during the broadcast.

Just like they report celebrities attending other sporting events.

When Spike Lee is at MSG to watch the Knicks or when Jack Nicholson takes in a Lakers game, ESPN will be sure to let you know. Beyonce and Jay-Z at the Nets? Heck, that’s an ESPN lead story. But when Donald Trump takes part in a wonderful ceremony honoring our exceptional country, the worldwide leader in hacks gets tongue tied.

ESPN showcases far left whiners like Nick Wright and Max Kellerman. They think one way and one way only. They went from an iconic sports network to just another tired arm of the Democrat party. We know this and we will continue to call them out. President Trump declined ESPN’s request to fill out NCAA basketball brackets. But President Obama always did this, they cry. That’s the point. This isn’t Barack Hussein Obama. This is Donald J. Trump and he’s not going to be bullied by anyone, particularly a once mighty sports channel that’s now about as trustworthy as Brian Williams.
Source: Breitbart

Scholla compares ESPN to disgraced bloviator, Brian Williams, who lost his job as the NBC Nightly News anchorman in 2015 for fabricating a story about a helicopter he was traveling in being hit by an RPG in Iraq. Williams is now the host of a late night MSNBC show and is (ironically) fighting ‘fake news’. Apparently, Williams is unaware that he is on MSNBC with the likes of Joe ‘Mentally Unstable’ Scarborough, Joy ‘Everything Is Racist!’ Reid, Rachel ‘Tax Returns’ Maddow, and Chris ‘Thrill Up My Leg’ Matthews.

And that is the state of ESPN.

It’s just sad that a sports network has sunk to the depths of likes of MSNBC.

So many viewers have left ESPN.

It’s only a matter of time before they tick off that last viewer and they’re done for good.

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