Dear Patriots: Do You Consider Barack Obama A National Disgrace?

What do you think of Barry’s legacy?

Is it awesome or a national disgrace?

Do you think he’s done tremendous damage to the country?

Or are you a ‘true believer’ that just loves that he:

– Ushered in a ‘post-racial era’ where we no longer fixate on the color of one’s skin but the content of their character

– Won the Nobel Peace Prize despite being the first President in History to have every single day of his two terms at war, and made a crap deal with Iran that essentially nuclearized a totalitarian regime

– Used his ‘pen and his phone’ as a workaround to doing what he wanted if Congress blocked him

Started unconstitutional wars

– Lied about Fast and Furious

– Lied about Benghazi

Lied about knowing about Hillary’s private server

Used drones to kill peoplesometimes Americans

– Weaponized government agencies like the IRS, NSA, DOJ and the FBI to punish his political enemies

– Spied on REPORTERS

preaches about ‘Climate Change’ and yet doesn’t change his own lifestyle

– Constantly speaks out against his successor and creepily follows him around the globe with a new ‘Apology’ tour

Dear Patriots: Do You Consider Barack Obama A National Disgrace?

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Maybe all those Obamazombies need a reality check.

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