Dear NFL: This Billionaire’s Venture Firm Is Backing A New Football League To Rival You

Tired of NFL virtue signaling? Now you’ll have TWO other pro leagues to choose from.

(Besides the very patriotic and lovely ladies’ league.)

Just because football ratings were down last year, didn’t mean we were sick of football. We were sick of the politics.

Why else would a High School football game have become a national story?
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Why else would the ladies’ league become a huge story?
The Lingerie Football League Just Sent The NFL A Message And It’s AWESOME

And we already knew that McMahan is putting another league in to scoop up disaffected fans. The MAGA Football League Could Be Coming To Your City

But another player is emerging on the field. The son of the McMahan’s partner from the original XFL launch.

Things are about to get interesting. The markets will get to play themselves out.

If nothing else, it will be great news for players who’ve been sitting on the sidelines waiting for their big shot to prove themselves.

Charlie Ebersol, the son of longtime NBC Sports executive Dick Ebersol and director of the 30 for 30 documentary about the original XFL his father created with WWE’s Vince McMahon, announced Tuesday that he plans to launch a football league next February.
The league is called the Alliance of American Football and will feature eight 50-man teams playing a 10-game schedule that begins on February 9, the Saturday after next year’s Super Bowl.

Funding for the league comes from the Peter Thiel-led Founder’s Fund, Barstool Sports investors the Chernin Group, former Vikings pass rusher Jared Allen and others.
Source: SI

What else may come of this?

Well, maybe teams will start to care more about their player’s conduct, both during the anthem, and off the field.

Still averaging one arrest every week, huh?

Maybe that’s not where our kids should be looking for their role models anyway.

Bring on the new leagues.

Let’s see what you’ve got!

Like Clash? Like Clash.

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