Dear NFL & NBA Whiners: Look What Happened To Mizzou 2yrs After Embracing Protests

Before you keep going down this road, maybe you should ask yourselves where it leads?

There is a very important life lesson that the ‘social elites’ — for all their wealth and influence — have yet to truly figure out.

Unlike many forms of work that actually CREATE value — the manufacturing sector, or Farmers, or Fishermen, or Miners for example — the social elites have CONTINGENT value. If we ever stop paying attention, advertisers stop paying the bills. (Or Bills, if you happen to be in Buffalo.)

If you stop selling tickets (like what’s already happening in SanFrancisco) and people stop tuning in for the games on Sunday… where does that leave these ‘Superstars’?

(Ask Colin Kaepernick — if his girlfriend will let him answer.)

The league is taking a stand, but have they — to borrow words from Jesus Christ — ‘counted the cost’?

Let’s look at a SCHOOL that has already gone down the Social Justice Warrior Road.

Remember Mizzou? If they don’t stop the hemorrhaging, they’ll soon be a footnote in history… much like the school that Bernie Sanders’ wife helped to bankrupt.

Ground zero at Mizzou was — you guessed it — their football team.

The Football team backed the BLM movement. It didn’t go well for them.

In the fall of 2015, a grassy quadrangle at the center of the University of Missouri became known nationwide as the command center of an escalating protest.
Students complaining of official inaction in the face of racial bigotry joined forces with a graduate student on a hunger strike. Within weeks, with the aid of the football team, they had forced the university system president and the campus chancellor to resign.
It was a moment of triumph for the protesting students. But it has been a disaster for the university.
Freshman enrollment at the Columbia campus, the system’s flagship, has fallen by more than 35 percent in the two years since.
The university administration acknowledges that the main reason is a backlash from the events of 2015, as the campus has been shunned by students and families put off by, depending on their viewpoint, a culture of racism or one where protesters run amok. —NewYorkTimes

That’s the New York Times, folks, not Fox News or an equivalent news site.

But that was all the way back in July. How about now. Have their fortunes changed since then?

Well, one headline uses the phrase ‘dumpster fire’… so that can’t be good.

When a school is renting out dorms as makeshift hotels for people watching football games, that’s NOT a sign that the school is in good health.

And what was the REAL impact of the Race-baiting protests? Did it help ‘the cause’? The numbers don’t lie. Let’s check enrollment.

Did it become a place where minorities could come to school and flourish, as the protesters would have wanted? Let’s keep reading from the same article:

Students of all races have shunned Missouri, but the drop in freshman enrollment last fall was strikingly higher among blacks, at 42 percent, than among whites, at 21 percent. (A racial breakdown was not yet available for this fall’s freshman class.)

Black students were already a small minority. They made up 10 percent of the freshman class in 2012, a proportion that fell to just 6 percent last fall.

Well THAT’s not good.

Let’s recap…

Some 400 Mizzou staff were ‘let go’.

Enrollment is in free-fall.

Dorms that were sitting empty are being rented out as impromptu hotel space.

And the NFL thought Mizzou’s plan was SO awesome… that they wanted to EMULATE it?

And now get ready for the CLASH response to this stupidity. (Players and managment from the league should put their cup on for this one.)

Share if these chowderheads are only digging their own hole.

Like Clash? Like Clash.

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