Dear Libs: Here’s 4 Things You Can Do To Minimize Mass Murders

It’s time to stop using horrific incidents like this to polarize the country between the pro-2A crowd and the gun grabbers. Here’s a handful of things that we can do now that the vast majority of Americans would agree on.

We can all agree that mass shootings are horrible and should never occur.

Even the most die-hard Second Amendment activist would agree to that. We’re not the monsters as portrayed by the Left and the Media (D). We don’t love our guns more than our kids. We just believe that we need to protect our Constitutional rights. Yes, sometimes it is hard to defend those rights in the wake of a horrific incident in which someone who has abused those rights in the most heinous way.

And we all agree that we do need to do something.

Was this incident a failure by the NRA and the Second Amendment? Hardly.

Doug calls out the FBI for dropping the ball:

The anger, frustration, and futility felt after these mass shootings is shared by everyone. But in the wake of every single mass shooting, there are calls for ‘common sense’ gun control laws. Those calls are often little more than shouts at the wind with no specific recommendations other than heavy restriction and/or gun confiscation. Often, ‘common sense’ recommendations are restrictive, violate the Second Amendment, and ignore actual evidence.

So, what can we do then?

Here are the things that we can change right now that the vast majority of Americans both Left and Right would agree with.

1. Enforce the Law — Especially relating to Background Checks

Doug is absolutely right with regard to the FBI. They screwed up. The didn’t follow up on the tips that they were given a year ago.

The shooter was able to purchase his guns legally. Somehow 39 visits by the cops to his home for a variety of ‘red flag’ issues and two warnings to the FBI wasn’t enough to ‘red flag’ his name when purchasing his weapons.

This is nothing new for the FBI. They knew about the Vegas shooterThey had investigated the Orlando shooter for 10 months. The San Bernardino terrorists were on the FBI’s radar because they were in contact with people that were being watched. A ‘flaw’ in the FBI background check system allowed the shooter to purchase a gun to kill 9 people in a black church in South Carolina. The Texas Church shooter seemed to have bypassed a similar ‘flaw’ in the background check system.

Seems to me that the FBI has some work to do to tighten up those ‘flaws’ with the background checks.

The Feds also rarely convict ‘Straw Buyers’ — the folks that buy guns for other people who may be trying to circumvent background checks.

2. One Gun control measure that makes sense

Essentially a temporary restraining order that would deny a mentally disturbed individual from accessing guns to commit violence. This would allow those close to the individual to not just ‘see something’ and ‘say something’ which worked oh-so-well in Parkland, but to also ‘do something.’

David French at National Review makes this suggestion:

Time and again mass shooters give off warning signals. They issue generalized threats. They post disturbing images. They exhibit fascination with mass killings. But before the deadly act itself, there is no clear path to denying them access to guns. Though people can report their concerns to authorities, sometimes those authorities fail or have limited tools to deal with the emerging danger.

What if, however, there was an evidence-based process for temporarily denying a troubled person access to guns? What if this process empowered family members and others close to a potential shooter, allowing them to “do something” after they “see something” and “say something”? I’ve written that the best line of defense against mass shootings is an empowered, vigilant citizenry. There is a method that has the potential to empower citizens even more, when it’s carefully and properly implemented.

It’s called a gun-violence restraining order, or GVRO.

While there are various versions of these laws working their way through the states (California passed a GVRO statute in 2014, and it went into effect in 2016), broadly speaking they permit a spouse, parent, sibling, or person living with a troubled individual to petition a court for an order enabling law enforcement to temporarily take that individual’s guns right away.

Source: National Review

French enumerates what a well-crafted GVRO would consider in order to balance the rights of the individual and the protection of the community. It’s a reasonable solution that is temporarily restricting access to firearms of someone who is a potential threat.

3. Increased security in schools

This seems like a no-brainer. When schools are designated ‘gun-free zones’ it means that the football coach that lost his life saving students was unarmed while a shooter roamed through the school picking off targets. If teachers were permitted to carry at school, this could have ended very differently with the shooter down and the death toll diminished significantly.

Don’t like responsible, well-trained teachers carrying in the classroom? I’m gonna disagree with you there — but at the very least armed security within the schools to protect students and faculty seems like a logical thing to do.

4. Build better schools

We should build the schools in a way that we can lock down portions of the school so that a shooter is isolated in one area. We already have this in some hospitals where access to certain wings can be shut down to protect patients in emergencies. It just makes sense to eliminate the potential targets and/or isolate the shooter.

What do you think of these suggestions?

Do you have others?

Let us know in the comments.

Do you think the left will ever agree to any of these suggestions, or would they prefer to blather about gun control forever?

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