Dear Libs: ‘Dreamers’ Barbecued This Texas Man – Exactly How Many More Would You Like In The U.S.?

THIS is why Conservatives keep comparing secure national borders to the locked door in your home.

No gun was used in this brutally horrific crime. Will Democrats care?

If you were wondering how ‘blunt instruments’ kill more people than rifles, stories like this are a big part of the reason.

One Texas man was beaten to death with aluminum baseball bats. Well, that’s only part of the story.

He also had a plastic bag pulled over his head to asphyxiate him.

He was also dismembered.

He was also barbecued.

Right here in the US of A.

Austin told the jury that he and his fiance, a cousin of Lopez and Moreno, had gone to the home in the 400 block of Hillwood Drive on the North Side on Sept. 30, 2014. When they arrived, what they saw looked like “a horror movie.”

“I saw blood on the walls, on the couch, on the floor, the victim bound at his hands and feet, and his mouth taped up,” Austin said. “He (Menchaca) was bleeding from his cheeks, there was blood everywhere on him. It was like a horror movie.”

The testimony was more than his mother could take, EMTs took her away by stretcher; she was yelling ‘murderers’ as she went.

One woman who testified she was stripped naked and held there for several days says she later saw a limb (an arm or a leg) poking out of a barbecue pit, which the accused poked with a stick.

These are the sort of people who take advantage of the idea of ‘sanctuary cities’. They know the law won’t touch them, (and in some cases, will even warn them when ICE is coming) so they can do whatever they want.

This happened in San Antonio. Stories like that make stories like this more relevant.

San Antonio Police Chief William McManus is being investigated after several citizens complained to the state about his handling of a human smuggling case in December.

“Our office has received multiple complaints alleging that the San Antonio police chief violated Senate Bill 4, the Texas law prohibiting sanctuary city policies that the attorney general has authority to enforce,” Marc Rylander, communications director for Attorney General Ken Paxton, said in a prepared statement to The Dallas Morning News. “We have begun our investigation and demanded that the San Antonio Police Department preserve all of its records relating to the incident.”
Source: Dallas News

Is it time we really crack down on 'sanctuary' cities?

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