Dear Ladies: If You Accuse Fox Host Of Sexual Harassment, Be Certain To Delete Seductive Emails

It could get VERY embarrassing if they were ever to come to light. Like these ones are certainly bound to…

Scottie Nell Hughes, an occasional news pundit for Fox News and Fox Business host, Charles Payne were involved in a three-year affair. Both Hughes and Payne are married.

Payne has been suspended by Fox due to allegations that he sexually harassed Hughes. He admits to the affair but denies that Hughes was coerced in any way, calling it ‘an ugly lie’.

Earned an oreo? Let’s have a look and see if she’s earned anything more than the public’s contempt.

Amid the latest Fox News sexual harassment scandal, emails have emerged that seem to vindicate Payne on the charges of sexual harassment, at least.

They are from Hughes to Payne and are pretty graphic.

Red Alert Politics has exclusively obtained emails exchanged between Hughes and Payne, and verified by two separate sources, that may cast doubt on Hughes’ allegations. In one email to the Fox Business host, Hughes described a sexual fantasy of hers about what they would do together.
In the exchange on September 3, 2013, near the beginning of their relationship, Hughes sent Payne a graphic e-mail in which she discussed a recent sex dream she had involving the two of them in a swimming pool.

Red Alert Politics that published images of the emails, spoke to Kristina Lee Hall that worked with Hughes at the Tea Party Network. Hall claims that Hughes has been known to sleep with men that might advance her career.

In a conversation with Red Alert Politics, one of Hughes’ former colleagues, who wished to remain anonymous, called her a “female predator.”

According to Kristina Lee Hall who worked with Hughes at the Tea Party News Network, Hughes was famous for sleeping with well-connected men who ran or controlled conservative PACs and websites. Lee asked us to keep the men’s names anonymous.

Hall recalls a trip to New Orleans for a conference and she recounted this story:

‘I shared a room with her, she thought that the (the Tea Party leader) could get her places, and this is the first time I really spent one-on-one time with her. She was all over (the Tea Party leader). She wanted to go to his hotel room to get ready for the conference because we had been out on Bourbon Street and stuff like that. I had to physically leave the room, the hotel room, because they were under the covers in his bed pretty much getting ready to full getting it on. I was uncomfortable and left, she came back to our shared hotel room at two or three in the morning, hair completely disheveled.

That was in October 2012, then from there we went to Vegas because we were watching election night war room live video, so when we got to Vegas (the Tea Party leader) had a girlfriend, and he was leading them both on,” Hall continued. “Then (a nationally syndicated radio host) got there, and they disappeared. Well, I had access to her room because I was trying to help the whole war room going for the election night. I walked in on her and (the nationally syndicated radio host)… they jumped off the bed, his pants were undone, half of her clothes were off, his hair was disheveled.’

This looks like a pattern of behavior for Hughes, doesn’t it?

Even if there was coercion, her past actions are casting that in considerable doubt.

Payne admitted to the affair on Wednesday but is fighting back the allegations that there was coercion or threats.

The affair was no secret, with the pair boldly sharing a hotel room in May 2015 in Las Vegas on a company trip to The Money Show in Las Vegas.

Hughes also attended Payne’s birthday party at his home in 2015. The behavior of the couple made Payne’s wife uncomfortable and she spoke to now ousted Fox News President of Programming, Bill Shine about it. Shine then barred Hughes from appearing on Fox News or Fox Business.

The disgruntled Hughes reported the affair to the law firm representing Fox News and is now claiming that the ‘blackballing’ is because she was coerced into the relationship and alleged threats of reprisals. She also told her lawyers that she stayed in the relationship because she thought it would help her land a permanent gig at Fox News.

Hall told Red Alert Politics, “That is literally her pattern, to sleep with, do stuff with, to get ahead.” Hall then recounted how a 22-year-old man who worked with her and Hughes showed her photos of himself and Hughes in bed together. He claimed he took the pictures to impress his college frat brothers.

“It was so hard working with her because she was constantly playing the ‘I’m the best Christian southern woman, my children, my husband,’ but the whole time we saw her carry on multiple conversations on her phone with multiple guys,” she continued.
Source: Red Alert Politics

And this is why character matters.

Because one day, who you are in public and who you are in private will be revealed.

Just ask Anthony Weiner about that.

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