Dear Jennifer: Trashing Trump Didn’t Help Your New Movie – It Was Your WORST Opening Ever!

She should go home and think about whether she’d rather be an actress or an activist.
Because trying to be both is not working out so well.

She’s got that ‘Kaepernick’ ratings death touch… and for very similar reasons.

Wealthy leftist celebrities are convinced the world WANTS to hear their opinion. Because they’re famous. And rich. And popular. And everyone loves them.

That makes them important. Which means they get to tell all of us ‘little people’ exactly what they think of us.

It’s great for their ego…

But ticket sales? Not so great for them.

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LMAO: Anti-Trump Actor’s New Movie Sells ONE TICKET on Opening Day

The once-bright superstar who could open even a poorly reviewed piece of low-budget horror-junk like House at the End of the Street to $12.2 million, has just hit a devastating career low (for a wide release), a humiliating $8 million opening for her latest, the critically-lauded, psychological horror-thriller Mother! (my review is here).

This is a catastrophe for Lawrence, one of Hollywood’s most stridently bigoted (former) stars. The Oscar-winner’s hateful attacks on Christians, conservatives, President Trump and his supporters have chipped away at her popularity going back to 2014, but no one expected this, expected anything close to $8 million, to single digits. At worst, Mother! was projected to squeak in at $12 million. –Breitbart

The LOWEST projected estimates were $12 Million… and she only managed to draw two-thirds of the LOW estimate?

That’s singularly crap-tastic!

No wonder she’s taking a break from acting.

Here are some of her ill-advised rants against potential ticket-buyers.

Of course, the movie itself did its share of alienating the public, too…

Jennifer Lawrence film ‘Mother!’ assailed as a ‘grotesque and nauseating’ attack on Christians

…National Review film critic Kyle Smith blasted the movie in his review, saying it might be “the vilest movie ever released by a major Hollywood studio” that will represent a “stain on the reputation” of Paramount Pictures. Smith warned that “pregnant women, those with nervous constitutions or heart conditions, and anyone who happens to be burdened with good taste” should stay far away from the film. —Fox

It seems like there’s a race between producers and actors to alienate the viewers.

**UPDATE: Rex Reed’s scathing review calls mother! the worst film of the year — possibly the century.

From the idiotic drug-addict hokum Requiem for a Dream to the overrated, overwrought and over-hyped Black Swan, which I called “a lavishly staged Repulsion in toe shoes,” the films of wack job Darren Aronofsky have shown a dark passion for exploring twisted souls in torment. But nothing he’s done before to poison the ozone layer prepared me for mother!, an exercise in torture and hysteria so over the top that I didn’t know whether to scream or laugh out loud. Stealing ideas from Polanski, Fellini and Kubrick, he’s jerrybuilt an absurd Freudian nightmare that is more wet dream than bad dream, with the subtlety of a chainsaw.
Source: The Observer

And it only goes downhill from there.

It’s a hilarious read!


Gee… can anybody figure out why Hollywood’s overall numbers are in free-fall?

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