Dear Haters: Girl Attempts Suicide On Social Media – Look Who Stopped Her!

Her cry for help was heard…
…and answered!

“She had a knife there in front of her. Put the knife down hon”

The poor girl was distraught.

In tears… that deep, heartbreaking kind that comes from being completely broken down.

All hope — she thought — had been lost.

She was mistaken.

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Lord please release her from them demons inside her. She is not related to sis that died in the hotel. I'm not sure why people make the two stories related @Regrann from @therealremyredd – This is so sad and again the police always come ready to shoot. I am so happy they didn't but now this child's life is over. They did something wrong I know it but wow. This whole thing should wake people up. Protect your kids. ———————————————[email protected]__journey _________________________________________________ ●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●???? ▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫???? #OrganizeorDie#TheDevilisALie#BlackExcellence#BlackKnowledge#BLACKOWNEDBUSINESSES#metatronscube#vesicapiscis#wewereKingsandQueens #africanhistory#pinealgland#blackpride#blackconscious#King#Queen#God #BlackFamily#blackisbeautiful#BlackPower#blackdontcrack #melanin #BlackLivesMatter

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Unlike some sad stories where social media live streams stories that end tragically in suicide or mishap, this one showed a life being saved.

Police arrive on the scene and separated her from the knives she had in front of her.

Let’s hope this police intervention gave her a glimmer of hope, and that she gets the help and support she obviously needs.

For anyone who looks at police through a jaundiced eye, and asks what good they are for society — here’s your answer: They saved this girl’s life. You’d think BLM would be the first to cheer them for doing so.

And they would… if they really cared about people more than any agenda.

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