Dear Gun Controllers: FL Gun Show Sees Mega-Numbers Like Never Before – Can You Say, ‘Backlash?’

Oops. The gun-grabbers just didn’t see this coming.

But should they really be surprised?

After all, when we Gun-Grabber In Chief Obama was at the helm of the U.S. Government, gun sales were booming. (Pardon the pun.)

The Democrats and the Media (D) — but I repeat myself — using traumatized school kids to push their gun control agenda, average Americans see right through the scheme.

Here’s Doug’s take on the Left’s use of students as ‘ambassadors’ for their cause:

It’s just disgusting.

And Americans that understand the importance of the Second Amendment understand that.

Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel — under whose leadership multiple deputies refused to act to stop the Parkland School Shooter — has called for gun control.

His advice is to run — even if you are armed.


With that stellar leadership, Floridians are flocking to gun shows.

Gee, I wonder why…?

The organizers of the Florida Gun Show, held at the Florida State Fairgrounds in Tampa this weekend, told reporters that a record number of people attended the event this year. The event’s manager, George Fernandez, says they’ve never seen numbers like this before — and the renewed gun control push from the Left played a significant role in boosting attendance.

“Some of the people attending are afraid that future legislation will impact their gun ownership rights,” Fernandez told WTSP.
Souce: Daily Wire

Senator Bill Nelson (D-FL) has been pushing gun control and has been wanting to close the so-called ‘gun show loophole’, that the Left claims that allow people to buy guns ‘without background checks.’ Of course, this is utter bunk. Fernandez pushed back against the alleged ‘loophole’ by explaining that 95 percent of the vendors for the Florida Gun Show are licensed vendors. The other 5 percent are individuals, but they still have to adhere to the federal regulations regarding gun sales as any other private citizen has to adhere to. Several Florida counties, including Pinellas and Hillsborough, have passed ordinances that would require private citizens to run background checks before selling guns to an individual.

This article by Sean Davis over at The Federalist did a great job on his article debunking the ‘Gun Show loophole’.

If you purchase a firearm from a federal firearms licensee (FFL) regardless of the location of the transaction — a gun store, a gun show, a gun dealer’s car trunk, etc. — that FFL must confirm that you are legally allowed to purchase that gun. That means the FFL must either run a background check on you via the federal NICS database, or confirm that you have passed a background check by examining your state-issued concealed carry permit or your government-issued purchase permit. There are zero exceptions to this federal requirement.

If an individual purchases a gun across state lines — from an individual or FFL which resides in a different state than the buyer — the buyer must undergo a background check, and the sale must be processed by an FFL in the buyer’s home state.

What does exist, however, is a federal exemption for sales between two private, non-FFL residents of the same state, regardless of whether that transaction happens at a gun show or not. The identity of the parties involved in the transaction, not the venue of the sale, is what matters under federal law. This federal exemption makes perfect sense: there’s no federal nexus for a purely private transaction between two private individuals who reside in the same state.

Source: The Federalist



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