Dear Feminists: Imagine If Trump Spoke To A Black Woman, Or Any Woman, Like This

Whatever happened to the Left’s alleged ‘love’ of a strong woman?

Senator Booker seems to have misplaced his.

Or do they only ‘love’ unhinged political hacks that seem to be drawn to THEIR party; women like Hillary, Pelosi, and Mad Maxine?

DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen, one of the many women Trump has appointed to political leadership…

(Reported here, in case your local news channel just ‘happened’ to ‘miss it’)
Hey Feminists: ‘Misogynist’ Trump’s 1st Year In Office Hailed As “Year Of The Woman”

…was called up to testify in front of the Senate. She heads up DHS, and one can imagine has many responsibilities to keep her busy. Being accountable for her responsibilities is a proper use of her time.

Being a prop in cheap political theatre, however, is not one of them.

That didn’t stop Senator Corey Booker, who was busy trying to earn an Oscar for the new category of most melodramatic Political outrage over an (alleged) utterance of a profanity.

Keep Laura Ingram’s observation in mind as you see the ‘dignity’ with which he treated a duly-appointed Government Official.

I’m no expert, but being reminded of a ‘first husband’ does not sound like it is intended as a compliment, does it?


What if President Trump spoke to a woman this way? 🤔Senator Cory Booker (D-NJ) demeaned, bullied, degraded and tried to intimidate a woman today in front of the nation. Glaring Crazily, Smashes Fists as he screams at DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen.

Posted by David Croom on Wednesday, January 17, 2018

He got all ‘impassioned’ as he performed his speech. He had “tears of rage” when little Dick Durbin told Booker about the atrocity of ‘that word’.

Her silence and amnesia are ‘complicity’?

Where was this passion when Hillary was running a home-brew server, and when Eric Holder was the first AG ever held in Contempt of Congress, or when the IRS was weaponized against private citizens? Where was his race-baiting when Democrats tripped over themselves to honor an actual Klansman, Robert Byrd (Democrat, of course) at his funeral?

See related story, here:
Dear CNN: Before You Crap On Trump, Explain What Obama Is Doing In This Pic

No, it takes a BadWord to get him worked up.

And he has to unload on a woman.

Sorry, Booker. We watched the testimony live. She actually DID answer those questions. You just didn’t like her answer. Now do you have any questions that are actually, you know, relevant to her job? Or are you only interested in Showboating and being ‘the Resistance’?

There’s a YouTube clip for that. In the Outtakes for (appropriately enough) ‘Liar, Liar’:

You’ve beclowned yourself, Corey.  And you are — in fact — an over actor.

Maybe he forgot that someone who used to follow Farrakhan (who called on his followers to engage in an actual race war) almost assumed leadership of their party.

Yeah, Keith Ellison.

He plays for their team.

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