Dear [email protected]: Here’s What Could Happen To You If You Take The ‘Tide Pod Challenge’

Who needs a ‘triple-dog-dare’ when you have yet another dumbass internet ‘challenge’?

While Millenials are still recovering from other dumb challenges, like the one where the ate a spoonful of cinnamon (Just. Don’t. Do. It.) yet another one pops up to replace it.

There was a hot water challenge that landed an unsuspecting 12-year-old girl in the hospital.

A ‘blue whale challenge’ groomed unsuspecting participants to get closer and closer to committing suicide, and some did.

We’ve got a video of girls trying to tough out a hot chili challenge (it didn’t go well for them).

And now?

Everyone is mocking the Tide Pod Challenge.

It’s even showing up on social media:

This is both stupid and dangerous. Although no-one has yet died from this challenge, it’s absolutely possible. Those with dementia, and several toddlers, have eaten these pods in recent times and have subsequently perished; tens of thousands more have been made incredibly sick.

If you still think this is just a bit of fun and you’re about to do the challenge yourself, then don’t. This is what could happen to you if you put one of those technicolor tabs in your mouth – and what happens if you ingest any of it.

The purpose of detergent – in case you were oddly unaware of this – is to break up components of the waste that’s clinging so frustratingly to your crockery or, as it so happens, your hair. Composed of a mixture of synthetic chemicals, their most important ingredients are surfactants.

…“Manifestations may also include vomiting, abdominal pain, flatulence and diarrhea,” the report notes. “In rare cases, vomiting or formation of considerable amounts of foam in the mouth involve an aspiration risk.”
Source: IFL Science

And that’s not even getting into the BLEACH-based ingredient!

And, as though to prove the obvious, we have a relevant headline:

More than 40 US teens poisoned as liquid detergent Tide eating challenge goes viral

And kids… if you really, really want to mess around with a Tide Pod?

How about throwing in a load of jeans?


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