If the series of scandals Uber went through earlier this year weren’t already enough to make you switch to Lyft, THIS just might do it.

It turns out Uber wants NOTHING to do with the Political Right.

As in NOTHING to do with us.

Seriously. They’ve gone to the point of initiating LAWSUITS against companies that put Uber’s brand on advertising at a well-known Right-of-center site — Breitbart.

This seems like it would be a Bad Idea™.

After all, if Uber is EXPLICITLY making sure they don’t advertise at Breitbart, doesn’t that imply that they don’t want Breitbart’s audience as clientele? Stop and think about that for a moment.

If they don’t want to be associated with the Breitbart audience, that isn’t just the Breitbart audience they’re flipping the middle finger to. It’s the entire right.

Is it REALLY a good business practice to alienate half the country?

How’s that working out in Hollywood?

How’s it working out in the NFL?

Numbers and revenue are in free-fall.

For such Business geniuses, they’ve got a serious political blind-spot.
An Uber spokesperson claimed, “Fetch was running a wild west of online advertising fraud, allowing Uber ads on websites we wanted nothing to do with.” It seems that Uber is so determined to remove their advertisements from Breitbart that they do not want readers of one of the most popular websites on the Internet as customers.

Ironically, Uber themselves have been the subject of a number of lawsuits, including multiple sexual harassment lawsuits and an investigation that saw as many as 20 Uber employees fired from the company and another 31 placed in counseling.

You’d think they would be more interested in solving the problem they’ve been having in their LONDON offices.

You know, London. That’s where their clients reported sexual assaults, but Uber didn’t act on them. As a result, Uber could be banned in London.

There was a software scandal. There was a sharing of private medical records scandal, and some others.

But no, they feel the need to demonize Breitbart… and probably the rest of us.

As Breitbart summed it up:

Apparently, alleged sexual harassment in the workplace, the sharing of a rape victim’s medical records, the alleged use of software to evade regulators and law enforcement agencies, and supposed corporate espionage are acceptable to Uber, but advertising on a website like Breitbart News — which reaches approximately 45 million devoted readers a month and ranks above sites such as ESPN, CBS News, and Yahoo for Facebook publishers — is unacceptable. —Breitbart

And now they’re being sued for scandal-related losses.

With all that going on around you, what’s the smartest play? Alienate half the country.

Ok, then. Good luck with that.

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