Dear CNN: Unemployment Falls to 16 Year Low – Is That ‘News?’

The leftists over at CNN are still having a tantrum that Hillary didn’t win. While they do that, President Trump is busy Making America Great Again. Check out the latest unemployment numbers.

President Trump campaigned to the many Americans that have lost their jobs for a variety of reasons — regulation, automation, outsourcing, etc.

And now that President Trump is cutting the red tape, renegotiating trade deals and pushing a ‘Made in America’ policy, the unemployment rate has plummeted to a 16-year low.

Here is the beautiful headline:

U.S. employers added a seasonally adjusted 209,000 jobs in July. The unemployment rate fell to 4.3%. Economists surveyed by The Wall Street Journal expected employers to add 180,000 jobs and unemployment to tick down to 4.3%.
Source: Wall Street Journal

And did you notice those pretty green up arrows in front of the DOW, S&P500, NASDAQ? That’s investor confidence in President Trump.

More than 1,000,000 jobs have been added since President Trump took office.


Perhaps even CNN will stop trying to overturn the election results and report on that.

We look forward to it, President Trump!

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