Dear CNN: Trump Nominates 1st Black Woman To Be Brigadier General – Is That ‘News?’

How many times have you heard about all the people Trump ‘hates’? And how well does this story fit?

Stories like this are going to be even harder to cram into the Left’s narrative about Trump than his air strike in defense of Muslim men, women and children at the hands of Russian-allied thugs dropping chemical weapons.

Gender was supposed to be THE clear dividing line between Trump and Hillary.

Hillary — with her dramatic smash-through-the-glass-ceiling pageantry when she accepted her (rigged) nomination was supposed to be the white-knight pro-woman candidate.

(Pay no attention to how many of Bill’s victims she PERSONALLY threw under the campaign bus to get that honor.)

On the other side, Trump was played up as the nasty, evil, racist hater of all things good and decent. The various attacks on him were tailor-made to undercut women’s confidence in him.

Come election day, that fell flat, considering how many married women picked Trump over Hillary.

But the narrative was carefully nurtured… and continues to this day. Trump doesn’t much like women, other than as sexual ‘objects’.

They’re ever-so-quick to forget any of the women he’s hired to powerful posts within his corporations. Forget hiring the first female campaign manager. Forget the amazingly competent and successful Sarah Huckabee Sanders as his PressSec. Forget his nomination ofGina Haspel as the first female CIA director. This guy is ‘obviously’ anti-woman.

And now he’s at it again. Look who’s been tapped to be a Brigadier General.

Secretary of Defense James Mattis announced a historic nomination Tuesday.

If confirmed, Marine Corps Col. Lorna M. Mahlock will be the first black female to serve as brigadier general, according to the Marine Corps office of public affairs.

Right now, Mahlock is the deputy director of operations, plans, policies and operations directorate at the Marine Corps’ headquarters according to a press release.
Source: ABC

She’s not new to having big responsibilities, either.

Mahlock previously was stationed in Okinawa, Japan, where she was charged with overseeing 1,300 military and civilian personnel and $250 million in military equipment in support of U.S. interests in the Asia-Pacific region.
Source: Marine Corps Times

So, tell us more about that Glass Ceiling, Hillary. Hillary? Where’d she go?

Probably on another leg of her ‘it wasn’t my fault… really‘ tour.

Or, maybe she’s walking in the woods again. Perhaps with a bottle of wine.

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