Dear CNN: Please Answer This 1 Question About DACA & Reparations, Por Favor

It’s a really great ‘gotcha’ question that shows a glaring inconsistency in Liberal ‘values’.

A weakness in Leftist ideology that the right has not been very good at exploiting is showing where the Left’s ideas are in conflict with each other.

One example would be Feminism (biological gender defines EVERYTHING about you) versus identity politics (Biological gender is fluid and NOT intrinsic). You can support one, or the other… but no thinking person can seriously back both movements.

Ditto identity politics and sexuality. What does the term ‘gay’ even really mean, if the definitions for male and female are now up in the air? And why would they be a special category?

Over the summer, there were two big storylines on Amerian Political scene.

1) Charlottesville — and consequently — Confederate statues.

2) DACA.

But, like other Leftist philosophies, you can’t REALLY have it both ways.

But blink, and you might miss the connection.

Let’s recap:

What is the problem with Confederate Statues? Collective White Guilt of the sins of our fathers.

That gets parlayed into other things like demands from our generation for ‘all white people’ to give ‘reparations’ to black people.

Forget the fact that many, if not most whites are from families that never owned slaves.

And some mixed people are from former slave-holding families which — technically — are more ‘culpable’ of those sins than, say, white Northerners who bled the ground red to purchase the freedom of those who were enslaved.

And on the other hand, the DACA question.

People who were 16 or younger in 2007.

We have a generation of people, some of them up to age 36, who are ‘children’ of illegal immigrants, here through ‘no fault of their own’.

See the conflict?

If DACA ‘children’ bear no responsibility for their situation because their parents made a decision they had no part in, that logic invalidates the ‘guilt of the fathers’ argument that fuels ‘liberal white guilt’ over the slavery question. There ARE countries that practice slavery… even today. But not a single American who was a slave or else was a slave owner is still alive today to speak of it.

But if people today ARE expected to bear responsibility and guilt for their parents and grandparents decisions, then that changes the ‘poor children’ argument the Left likes to prop up DACA with.

How about we let both of those teams duke it out awhile, and they can come back with an answer of which of these ideas they’re prepared to abandon as BS before we answer any of their claims on either issue.

If THEY can’t agree, why should we bother to let THEM pin US down in sound bites they’re going to use dishonestly anyway?

You’re gonna have to decide.

We know… decisions are hard.

How about you read this, and get back to us. You just might find out that BOTH positions are unworthy of defending.

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