Dear CNN: Part Of The Book That Trashes Trump Is Proven To Be BS – Is That ‘News?’

Book of lies? Sketchy rep of would-be ‘blockbuster’ author’s reputation is suddenly in the spotlight.

Left-leaning Michael Wolff is no stranger to accusations of dishonesty in his past columns and books. His upcoming book, ‘dishing’ on White House intrigue purports to be the next political blockbuster.

But there are already a couple of obvious problems with the credibility of his new book.

Doug is pretty clear on his view of this book and the Dems that are touting it:

For one thing, the book claims that, in a conversation with Roger Ailes the day after the election, Trump didn’t know who former house speaker John Boehner was.

That’s one detail that is objectively untrue. You don’t have to look any further than Trump’s own twitter feed, or campaign.

Several tweets, going back as far as 2015, 2013, and even 2011 mention him by name.

And even ‘The Hill’ wrote a piece about Trump’s opinion on Boehner’s resignation (‘a good thing’).

Too right-wing for you? How about Politico, which said they had been golfing together.

As for his PAST credibility as an objective author — the Washington Post’s Paul Farhi made a strong case against it in his latest article. As seen in these excerpts:

A provocateur and media polemicist, Wolff has a penchant for stirring up an argument and pushing the facts as far as they’ll go, and sometimes further than they can tolerate, according to his critics. He has been accused of not just re-creating scenes in his books and columns, but of creating them wholesale.
…His reliability has been challenged before — over quotes, descriptions and general accounts he’s provided in his many newspaper and magazine columns and in several books. Wolff has even acknowledged that he can be unreliable: As he recounted in “Burn Rate” — his best-selling book about his time as an early Internet entrepreneur — Wolff kept his bankers at bay by fabricating a story about his father-in-law having open-heart surgery.
“How many fairly grievous lies had I told?” he wrote. “How many moral lapses had I committed? How many ethical breaches had I fallen into? . . . Like many another financial conniver, I was in a short-term mode.” Wolff’s business collapsed in 1997.
…Judith Regan, then a hotshot book editor who had been a classmate of Wolff’s at Vassar, vigorously disputed almost every paragraph of Wolff’s column about her. She said she hadn’t had a personal conversation with Wolff in 30 years.
Source: WashingtonPost

Even a former editor of his acknowledged his habit of embellishing. (Again, from the same article):

But she added, “Much to the annoyance of Wolff’s critics, the scenes in his columns aren’t recreated so much as created — springing from Wolff’s imagination rather than from actual knowledge of events. Even Wolff acknowledges that conventional reporting isn’t his bag.” An editor who worked with Wolff told Cottle, “He is adroit at making the reader think that he has spent hours and days with his subject, when in fact he may have spent no time at all.”


Will the media distance themselves from that and treat his inflammatory reports as dubious, and in need of vetting?

(Do you really need to ask? Why start now?)

MSNBC — the station whose objectivity can be evidenced by such ‘trustworthy’ reporting as ‘Morning Joe’ calling Trump mentally unstable, Rachel Maddow breathlessly reporting a single page of a tax return from a decade ago as ‘breaking news’ and Chris Matthews calling Trump ‘Hitlerian’ between his reputedly obnoxious, abusive and sexist treatment of female coworkers and guests.

The media who doesn’t seem to mind rushing off half-cocked to conclusions that affirm their own biases received this news exactly as you might expect:

Close enough. That’s the assessment from MSNBC host Stephanie Ruhle in regard to the new book featuring incendiary quotes from ex-White House official Steve Bannon. Ruhle, like other liberal journalists, suddenly is fascinated with Bannon. She enthused on Thursday, “He was one of the most senior people in the White House, a close adviser to the President, and this book takes us inside.”

Regarding the accuracy or truthfulness, Ruhle didn’t seem too concerned: “I’ve spoken to people inside the White House in the last 24 hours who have said, ‘Even if not all of it is true, the spirit of the book is and it’s troublesome.’” Who are these “people” And how much untruth is too much for the journalist?
Source: NewsBusters

It’s like asking how many turds floating in the punchbowl would be enough to make you say ‘no thanks’. If the answer is any number higher than one, you’ve got a problem.

Suddenly enthused?

Typical. This is textbook media. If they are useful (meaning, pushing the narrative they want the public to hear) the same people they use as punching bags are magically redeemed and rehabilitated.

Only last year, Bannon was the supposedly evil, racist puppet master pulling Trump’s strings. But now that a known liar says they’re fighting (even though both Bannon’s radio interviews and Twitter feed cast doubt on those claims) he’s a heroic figure and light-bringer.

If/when they realize they were wrong about his joining their ‘Resistance’, they’ll be right back in ‘I hate you mode’, and he’ll once again be some arch-demon from the underworld. Or literally Hitler. Or Goebbels. Or whatever — the slur doesn’t really matter, so long as he’s discredited as ‘evil’.

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