Dear CNN: Jobless Claims At Lowest Levels In 45 Years – Is That ‘News?’

Obama assured us that slow growth was the ‘new normal’. Trump said it wasn’t. Look at us now.

Have you asked yourself why Trump’s political and media enemies are rambling on about dumb stuff like Mueller and a Porn Star?

Maybe its because there isn’t much for them to complain about under Trump?

Life, overall, is getting better. Otherwise, his critics would be talking about it.

But he’s nominated for a Peace Prize over Korea. ISIS no longer has a state. He’s bloodied Putin’s nose. He was proven right about the Iran deal now that Mossad captured their nuke papers. China is revisiting some of their dodgy trade practices.

Oh. And now that Trump relaxed our drilling laws, we are poised to become the world’s leading oil producer.

Put that together with the tax cuts, and a major boot in the ass to the economy, and you’ve got yourself a successful Presidency, no matter what the critics have to say about it.

They wouldn’t DARE to highlight, say, the official jobs numbers, would they?

Jobless claims ran at historic lows to end April, a great sign for the economy.

After hitting the lowest level since 1969 the week before, new claims for unemployment benefits rose just 2,000 to 211,000 in the last week of the month, the Department of Labor reported Thursday morning. That number was well below the 224,000 that forecasters had expected.

The past two weeks’ very low readings drove the monthly average for claims down to 221,500. That’s the lowest since early 1973.
Source: Washington Examiner

‘Lowest since 1973’ sounds good until you realize that the labor force under Nixon was about half what it is today. Then it sounds GREAT!

Also, the total number of people claiming unemployment benefits dropped to generational lows in April. Altogether, 1.76 million people received benefits during the third week of the month, the lowest such mark in 44 years. Benefits are available for up to 26 weeks in most states.
Source: Washington Examiner

Trump isn’t just making America Great again… he’s putting America back to work.

What was that quote by a highly-respected president?

Yep. That’s the one.

CNN’s had the lawyer for a washed up hooker — sorry, ‘porn actress’ — on 59 times in the last two months, according to NewsBusters. (And with CNN plugging that tour of hers that pirated his Campaign name, even SHE’s benefited from the Trump economy.)

Do you think they’re interested in covering this good news Jobs report? Not bloody likely.

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