Dear Christian: Here’s HOW You Can Impact An Ungodly Culture – Do YOU Have The Cojones To Try This?

Unlike what you might hear on ‘Christian’ television, it ISN’T sucking your thumb and praying for the Rapture.

No. It’s not.

Because if you’ve actually cracked the spine in the Book, you’ll see that this is NOT ‘the worst it’s ever been’.

Last we checked, we don’t have a Mad Emporer Nero ‘lighting his garden’ after dark with flaming Christians, do we?

Dear Christian: Here's HOW You Can Impact An Ungodly Culture -…

Dear Christian: Here's HOW You Can Impact An Ungodly Culture – Do YOU Have The Cojones To Try This?

Posted by Warriors And Wildmen on Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Times are REALLY bad, are they? How about Black Death bad?

Attila the Hun bad?

Are we even up to 1930’s Depression bad?

Could your bubble be a tad off level, little Dinky?

Firemen, cops, and soldiers run TO the trouble, not away from it. And at one point in Christian history, so did Christians. So maybe thumb-sucking isn’t such a great plan for moving the ball forward in the Kingdom of God.

Maybe instead of trying to reinvent the wheel, we can go back to what worked before.


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