Dear Catholics: Are You Cool With TX Nuns Running Illegals Into The U.S.?

You’d think that particular decision might violate a law or two.

After providing food and shelter, they’re helping illegal aliens hop a bus to make it to their destination city.

Catholic Charities of the Rio Grande Valley started meeting the migrants at the bus station in 2014 because they considered it to be a humanitarian crisis arriving every day on their doorstep.

But their actions, which have been praised by Pope Francis, are at odds with the Trump administration’s hard-line approach to immigration.

In an interview with Daniel Flores, the Bishop of Brownsville who represents 1.2 million Catholics and is head of its charities in South Texas, said that he disagreed with Trump’s approach.

He asked the president to tone down his rhetoric and warned him against the human ‘capacity we have to simply not want to see’.

Bishop Flores said: ‘Jesus didn’t ask us to check what papers they had, Jesus asked us to check: are they hungry, are they thirsty, do they need a place to stay?’
Source: DailyMail

Is this ‘compassion’? Or are they dupes, helping others to exploit them to break the law?

Sister Norma Pimentel, the founder of the refuge, took down their details and called their families to get them to pay for a bus ticket to their next destination. Those who needed a bed for the night were housed at the dormitory a few blocks away.
Source: DailyMail

This isn’t happening in a vacuum.

We’ve just seen another deputy shot dead by a ‘dreamer’ who had no respect for the rule of law. He shot several cops and a bystander before being dispatched to hell.

Was the Deputy helped by such compassion? How about his widow and twin daughters?

Something like four out of five girls making the trip is sexually abused. By keeping the ‘pipeline’ open, aren’t you exposing more victims to be attacked by predators?

Yes. You might point to Matthew 25. But that doesn’t negate other verses, like the thirteenth chapter of Romans.

We’re not writing this as Catholics. Let’s throw the question over our Catholic readers, in particular.

How do you feel about the Nuns doing this?

How do you feel about the nuns helping these illegals?

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