Dear Brits: Why Do You REFUSE To Name Bucket Bomb Suspect?

In a tweet, President Trump hinted that the suspect was known to Scotland Yard. That’s more than the Brits get from THEIR OWN leaders.

Thankfully, no one was killed when the improvised bomb was set off in a subway train during rush hour, however, 30 people were injured.

London’s mayor, Sadiq Khan, has said that it’s just what happens when you live in a big city.

The politically correct leftists get all uppity if you dare mention ‘Islamic’ and ‘terror’ in the same sentence, and Khan is no different.

He insists that there shouldn’t be a rush to judgment until ‘all the facts’ are in.

You know that’s exactly why they won’t name the suspect.

(Funny how President Progressive Obama famously refused to say ‘radical Islamic terror’, because he didn’t want to paint all Muslims as terrorists. He had to wait for ‘all the facts’ before he would acknowledge a terror attack. He didn’t do the same after a police shooting incident, however. He was quick to talk about ‘institutional racism’ before ‘all the facts’ were in. Was he not concerned about painting all police officers as racist?)

There is a real reluctance on the part of politicians to point to radical Islamic terror for this very reason.

Is it politically incorrect to address the issue of radicalized Islamists?

After all, that’s who the investigators are suspecting.

The bomb on a busy tube train looks like their modus operandi.

The 4 other attacks this year in the UK have been by radicalized Islamists.

Investigators – who it is understood are linking the attack to Islamist extremism – are continuing their probe and the threat level remains at critical, which means a further attack is feared to be imminent.

One 18-year old male ‘loser’ was arrested on Saturday as he was at the Departure Area at the Port of Dover. Another 22-year old ‘loser’, also male, was arrested late Saturday night in connection with the attack.

When questioned by reporters, the Home Secretary, Amber Rudd, has refused to say whether or not the 18-year old bucket bomb suspect was known to police.

Amber Rudd, Home Secretary

Amber Rudd is refusing to say if the Parsons Green suspect was known to police a day after Donald Trump said the bomber was ‘in the sights of Scotland Yard’.

Yesterday the US president embarrassingly claimed police were aware of the suspect before the explosion, which injured 30 people.

But today the home secretary would not be budged on whether counter terror officials had information on the attacker.


Isn’t it great when you have to pry information from politicians?

When asked during an interview if it was concerning the suspect might have been already known to Scotland Yard, Mrs Rudd said: ‘It’s much too early to say that, we have one arrest and we have an going operation.’

But then she added: ‘When we have more information, we will be sharing it.’

Today Mrs Rudd described the arrest of the 18-year-old man as ‘very significant’ but would not respond to journalists questions about if Scotland Yard held information about him beforehand.

She said: ‘The operation is ongoing.’
Source: Daily Mail

Do you think that Amber Rudd is going to be forthcoming about the investigation when ‘all the facts’ are in?

Or will she continue to be politically correct like so many politicians on both the left and the right?

When will politicians learn that we just want them to speak the truth — especially in the wake of a terror attack?

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