Dear America: Do You Think Schools Should Start Spanking Kids Again?

There used to be a direct linear connection between unruly classroom behavior and its consequence. That was disposed of — but what has taken its place?

Maybe it’s the general erosion of respect for authority. Maybe it’s the lack of any meaningful consequence when they act up.

But classrooms can be a lot more unruly than they used to be.

And teachers are at their wit’s end, looking for solutions.

Now that corporal punishment (go to the Principal’s office!) has been removed from the school system, have worse solutions taken their place?

Dear America: Do You Think Schools Should Start Spanking Kids Again?

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There was a time that kids got ‘the strap’, the problem was (usually) over, and everyone continued on their way.

But that option was done away with. And what has taken its place?

We sometimes see students swearing at and even hitting teachers, unchecked.

We’ve seen cases where police are called in, and sometimes putting small children in handcuffs.

Is that ‘better’?

We’ve seen schools provide plywood padded jail cellssecurity boxes“.

An account of a third-grade girl:

She doesn’t know how long she was in the room — and the school district didn’t document the incident — but she said she finally was able to pull the door open a crack and saw several school staff on the other side.

The girl said she was placed in that room twice during third grade, although Mims said she did not receive written notice — as required by law — for either incident.
Source — ClashDaily

Time Out Gone Too Far | HuffPost Politics

Public schools in Iowa test a controversial type of discipline.

Posted by HuffPost on Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Are these ‘new’ solutions really better? Or do you think the immediate consequence of ‘the strap’ was both a better deterrent and ultimately less harmful?

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