DEAR AMERICA: Do YOU Think Obama Was Our WORST President?

Is it a difficult decision? Or is the answer obvious?

There have been a number of Presidents. Some of them were pretty seriously flawed.

Some people would put Obama at the top of that heap.

And it seems that with every passing day we learn more ways in which we see he leveraged government against his citizens, for political gain. He doubled our national debt, gutted our military, expanded bureaucracy, strengthened our adversaries, destabilized Libya and the Middle East, gave money to Iran, gave guns to Mexican Cartels — getting at least one American killed, weaponized the IRS, unauthorized wars… we could go on and on.

But he’s not the only bad candidate.

There was James Buchanan, on the wrong side of the Slavery issue, hoped that Dred Scott would destroy the Republican platform mishandled the Panic of 1857 and who — had he not been talked out of it — directed War Secretary Floyd to reinforce southern forts with such provisions, arms and men as were available.

There are other bad Presidents.

Jimmy Carter, for his handling of the Economy, Iran, and for consulting with his teenage daughter about nuclear policy.

Woodrow Wilson. Here are a few points raised in one article:
Wilson was the first president to criticize the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence. Wilson created the first official propaganda department in the US.
Wilson harshly suppressed dissent and resistance among citizens and the press. Wilson took over the US economy completely. Is he the top of the ‘reject’ president pile?

Millard Fillmore? He managed to destroy his own political party. That’s got to get some sort of street cred in the best of the worst category.

What about rounding up 120,000 or so Japanese Citizens? Does a Mea Culpa like that land you on the list? For all the good things he’s remembered for, that’s one heck of a blot on his record.

Or maybe Herbert Hoover, and his Great Depression?

Or FDR for making the Depression worse?

There are lots to choose from. Who’s your favorite?

Obama or someone else?

Was Obama the worst President?

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