Dear America: Obama Blew Off The Hero Who Stopped Terrorist Attack On Christians

Somebody tell Van Jones — he didn’t get the memo.

CNN is working really hard.

Not at reporting the news — heck no. Helen Keller could find better stories than the crap they sling.

They’re working really hard at discrediting Trump.

Somewhere along the line, they decided it was better to BE the story than report it. So they follow any wild lead they can, flog it to death until it’s no longer useful (does anyone still remember discredited gossip writer Michael Wolff?) and move on to the next ‘damning story’.

They are CONVINCED that Trump is the embodiment of every retread insult they’ve slung at the right for as long as we can remember.

So, when they can’t FIND a story, they invent one.

Remember the guy who took quick action in the Waffle House, wrestling the gun away from the punk who had just shot 4 people dead? Don Lemon tried to make a big deal about him not having been formally recognized by the White House.

Lemon’s big ‘gotcha’ moment fell flat when the victim didn’t BEHAVE like a victim. Oops.

“You touched the whole world,” Jones said. “I mean all you have to say is Waffle House hero. Everybody knows who you are. Have you heard yet from President Trump?”

Shaw replied, “At this time I haven’t heard anything, but that is not to say he didn’t try to contact me or not.”

“So he hasn’t successfully contacted you, you know, but he gave a shout out to, you know, gave a shout out to Kanye today,” Jones said as he tried to provoke Shaw. “No shout out to you. How do feel when the President of the United States misses an opportunity, to hold up, you know, somebody who is trying to do good stuff like you?”

See that Kanye reference — it’s bait. Did he take it?

Nope. He didn’t take the bait. Good for him.

What did he really expect from a guy who ACTED like a hero, but didn’t think himself worthy of the title?

Jones thinks it’s very important that a President recognizes a hero. Since CNN hardly goes a day without calling Trump a racist, we can only guess where he was trying to go with this story.

Does he apply this standard evenly? Another president had a hero spring into action much closer to home, right in DC itself.

An attempted mass-murder was stopped cold by a security guard who, himself, got shot in the process.

It was that Family Research Council case where an LGBT activist got riled up into a murderous rage over the Chick-Fil-A controversy a few years ago. The Southern Poverty Law Center wrongfully labeled them a ‘hate’ group, which was the catalyst for the would-be mass-murderer grabbing a gun and setting out to settle some scores.

[He] shot a security guard FRC on Aug. 15, 2012, during a struggle when he was trying to enter the Christian conservative group’s headquarters with the intent to kill as many employees as possible, he told officers after the incident. He was targeting FRC because of its views, including its opposition to gay marriage.

Source: Politico

Did THAT hero get the praise of the 44th President? A special invite to the White House?

Van Jones felt it was important to bring up Kanye for context. No shout out for you. But Kanye…?

Ok… so we know Obama made a point of calling people brave. Like that washed-up basketball player who made sure he was the ‘first NBA player to come out’ just as his career was winding down. (This came as a surprise to his long-term girlfriend.)

Did he invite a hero that STOPPED a mass shooting in the very city he called HOME?

After all… Obama famously wiped a tear when he told us ‘if it saves just one life’.

This guy saved lives. Probably a lot of them.

Did Obama make a big deal of it? Of course not. The narrative was all wrong. The victims were the ‘bad guys’ and the ‘good guy’ committed a crime how could he even TOUCH that story? The less said about it, the better.

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