Dear America: Now Consensual Sex Is ‘Abuse’ If It Embarrasses A Complicit Woman

“…the married anchor had consensual sexual encounters with her in both his studio dressing room, in his office and in the bathroom at the Democratic National Convention…”

Say what?

Abuse of Power and Consensual?  Isn’t that — by definition — an either / or proposition?

A former “Today” staffer said on Monday that her brief, consensual sexual relationship with Matt Lauer was an “abuse of power” initiated by the news anchor.

“I’m coming forward to say yes, this was consensual,” Addie Zinone told Megyn Kelly TODAY in her first televised interview.

But, she added: “It was an abuse of power. I want to put a face and a story to these women’s accusations because I’m seeing that they’re being doubted and I have to validate their claims.”

How does that work, exactly?

Zinone was a 24-year-old production assistant for the morning show in June 2000 when she said Lauer, then in his 40s and married, initiated the relationship with her. She said he would send suggestive messages to her while working in the office and rebuffed her request for career advice and instead tried to seduce her.

She said the married anchor had consensual sexual encounters with her in both his studio dressing room, in his office and in the bathroom at the Democratic National Convention. Zinone said she kept the relationship secret and said she has felt overwhelmed, isolated and confused over the years about it.

Zinone said she shares some of the blame, but also came forward to publicly share her story after years of remaining silent and rejecting offers from tabloids to sell her story because she wanted to empower young women to speak up and continue the conversation about powerful men abusing power for sexual favors in the workplace.
Source: NBC News

That still doesn’t clarify how he ‘abused’ his power if it was ‘consensual’.

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