Dear America: The Left Just Introduced A Bill Prohibiting The Sale Of Semi-Auto Weapons – Here’s The 411

They support the Second Amendment. No, really. They “only” want to limit the ‘semi-auto’ guns.

There was a particular moment in the now-infamous post-shooting TownHall that CNN’s Jake Tapper ‘moderated’ where Rubio tried to explain reality to the crowd. He said that for those advocating the ‘assault weapons’ ban to achieve their stated goal, they would have to ban, not just guns with plastic hand grips, but every semi-automatic rifle in America.

Listen to the cheers.

Anti-gun advocates took full advantage of the political opportunity of the aftermath of the Florida School shooter. The question wasn’t ‘what went wrong’ with a system where even the shooter called the cops on himself but wasn’t apprehended.

They’re pushing for gun control, and using victims as props to do it. Doug Giles calls out the leftists for using the traumatized Marjory Stoneman Douglas students as political pawns:

But polling shows we’re already seeing a shift.

Support for stricter gun laws has spiked to the highest level since 1993, and almost two-thirds say government and society can take action to prevent future mass shootings, according to a new CNN poll conducted by SSRS.

The findings suggest the school shooting in Parkland, Florida, has shifted public opinion on gun laws in a way other recent mass shootings have not.
Source: CNN

They use people like Gabby Giffords to justify their anti-gun rhetoric. But they tend to ignore other victims voices when their ‘customer testimonials’ undermine the narrative. Scalese, for example, still supports 2A rights.

The Left’s approach for colonizing the culture has never changed. First, they change the attitudes… then they can change the laws. That’s why having Hollywood, Academia and the Press are such powerful transformational tools in their hands.

Twenty years ago, few people gave a second thought to homosexuality, unless they personally knew someone who has ‘come out’. And even fewer people — even among homosexuals — gave a second thought to transsexuals. But since then? Both have become political touchstones, where having the wrong attitude to the issue has even resulted in children being taken from their parents.

We’ve seen similar shifts on other leftist issues. Immigration, for instance. Democrat leadership were for Limited legal immigration. Now they’re for limitless lawless immigration. The culture has changed.

Now they’re playing the same game with gun ownership. Some are already testing the waters for gun prohibitions.

Whatever happened to ‘shall not be infringed’. And well-ordered militia?

There was a time in US history when it was not just ‘OK’ but EXPECTED of ordinary citizens to own and maintain a RIFLE, as modern as you are able to acquire, as well with a specified amount of ammunition and powder to make that weapon serviceable.

The French and Indian Wars, The Two Wars with England (The Revolutionary War and The War of 1812) had made our pioneer forefathers a people conscious of both the need for readiness to bear arms and to protect their homes at all times in true minuteman spirit.

Thus began the creation and establishment of local militia groups in each town. Each town had its own military company with each soldier, at least twice a year, “showing his gun for inspection” and the Selectmen of that town “taking” account of stock in powder and ball, and to see if the town is ready to defend its people and its homes.”


Each company was to be called-out for inspection and drill at least twice a year. In 1795, the age limit was made sixteen to forty.

Source: Lane Memorial Library

If you were healthy, male, and between 18 and 40, you were expected by law to participate in the citizen’s militia.

And it has served an effective political check again tyranny even as recently as 1946, in Athens TN.

Now they want to disarm the population.

But these are the same people who say that the government has been overrun by Nazis and tyrants.

Who don’t even flinch about the IRS using it’s weight against political rivals. Who don’t seem that concerned about the Fourth Amendment, when it can be set aside for political expediency…

So what they’re really saying is that they’ve given up on the notion of self-government and want the public to give up the one tool that makes even corrupt leaders think twice about trampling the rights of We The People.

Are you cool with that?

Is school safety so important that the Second Amendment should be gutted?

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