Dear America: Do You Care If This Religion’s Offended By Our Anthem?

It was a ‘rally’ reported around the world… but did anyone learn the right lessons from it?

Islam’s apologists on the left rushed to call the story about kids walking out from singing an anthem ‘fake news’. Why? Because the story happened in Australia.

That was missing the point.

It was reported elsewhere, too. Because it isn’t a local story. Not really. First, here is the original story, from November 2015.

More than 500 people flocked on Sunday to a forum in south-western Sydney addressing the “criminalisation” of the Islamic community in Australia.
They were told Muslim children should not be forced to sing the Australian anthem and that “deradicalisation” was an agenda of forced assimilation.
Organised by the controversial Islamic group Hizb ut-Tahrir (HuT) – the organisation that former prime minister Tony Abbott wanted banned – the conference heard the Muslims were being demonised over their faith.

“Deradicalisation has come to mean making Muslims less Islamic, more Western, more secular, more submissive to secular, Liberal political … norms,” HuT spokesman Uthman Badar said.
Source: Sydney Morning Herald

Who is Uthman Bada? He is the spokesman for an Australia-based radicalized Islamic group.

Dear America: Do You Care If This Religion's Offended By Our Anthem?

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Why do we care? It’s all the way over in Australia, right?

That story? Sure, that one is. But we are seeing what happens — and we are seeing it around the world — when a host country introduces a large population who has no primary allegiance to their new home country.

We are watching cultural change unfold before our eyes all across Europe. And a lot of it isn’t good.

This same group, just a few months ago made headlines again. This time, they were demanding that marriage law change to suit them.

‘Do you REALLY think there are monogamous relationships in Australia?’: Muslim leader calls for legalisation of POLYGAMY because single-partner relationships ‘don’t exist’

Some enterprising feminist ought to ask him if wives should get to have multiple husbands, too.

Of course, such legislation could have consequences:
The perils of polygamyThe link between polygamy and war

While immigration and divided loyalties is relevant to us because of our uptick in immigration by a group of people whose allegiance to their religion often supercedes any laws or obligations of whatever country they happen to live in. (Muslims) That is not the only consideration.

On our own Southern border, we are seeing the same thing happening. People who would criminalize anyone sneaking into the country of their birth, show up unannouced, and without documentation in America, with no meaningful allegiance to American ideals, culture or laws.

This will inevitably change whatever new community to which they import their values. (For better or worse.)

It becomes Relevant to America when we get to ask, if you are wanting to call us home, are you willing to give this new home your allegiance? And if not, why even come here?

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