Dear America: You Can Add Christmas To The List Of Things The NFL’s Against

Here’s how they REALLY feel about ‘freedom of expression’.

For as long as the now-infamous take-a-knee protest has politicized the NFL, there has been a common theme in the defense of it.

You can’t say anything bad about it, because this is all about their free expression. First Amendment and all that.

That’s the line we were fed, wasn’t it?

You can’t really expect the league to take a stand, and say ‘you can’t protest’, can you?

They told us that, too.

We called it a lie then…

…and we are calling it a lie NOW.

They wanted us to believe that a deep commitment to free expression was the new normal.

So, is it?

Somebody tested just how much freedom they were allowed to have.

He tried to do something festive, to help win back the very fans the league has done their best aggravate, offend, and, well,  generally urinate in the face of — and how did the league support that ‘freedom’?

Well, it was nothing like the fawning coddling the ‘take a knee’ crowd keeps getting, that’s for sure.

“Saints running back Alvin Kamara donned a pair of Christmas-themed cleats during the Saints game against the Falcons on Christmas Eve.” — Breitbart


Considering all empty seats in the stands lately, spreading a little goodwill is a good thing, right?

The league didn’t think so.

The league’s reply to his ‘right to express himself’, and the fans in general in a single picture:

And the fans’ reaction to one more kick in the teeth?

Voting with their feet.

The only question left is this: will anyone be left to watch the Superbowl after a season of fans not caring who won or lost?

From the reaction we’ve seen from Clash Warriors so far this year, many of you would rather shave a wolverine in a phone booth.

Do you still care enough to tune in on Superbowl Sunday?

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