Dang! Watch Pelosi Go Full Nancy In A Blithering Rant Over Release Of GOP Memo

This is the same woman who told us the Budget was ‘Armageddon’ — so we know what we’re expecting.

To hear her tell it, you might think that bureaucrats have oversight over Congress. And isn’t that really what the issue was in the first place?

The woman who calls anything she disagrees with ‘racist’ or (x)-ophobic, etcetera is so far off the rails in this interview that Cuomo cannot help but be the rational one in this conversation.

Yes, we know how that sounds, and it really was that bad.

For once, Cuomo actually seemed pretty even-handed in an interview. We’re not sure how CNN will be punishing him for that, but one got through.

What was Pelosi worked up about? It depends what point of the clip you mean. She contradicted herself more than once.

Was she concerned about ‘declassifying documents’? At some points, yes.

Of course, Coulter had something relevant to say about that…


Hollywood has a turn of phrase to describe Pelosi’s interview:

It’s about ‘national security’, she claims. You mean, like that wall she opposes so vigorously, even though Hamas (the terrorist group her party gave a pass to) was connected with smuggling over that Southern border?

Not only was she getting names wrong, and referenced ‘DNA’ as an agency that gives oversight.

She’s saying the Republicans are involved in a cover-up. (Psychologists call this ‘projection’.)

The whole thing was a hot mess. See for yourself.

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