Dain Bramaged: Pelosi Confuses Trump And Bush … Again!

Fine Print Warning — do not take Trump Derangement Syndrome if you are still suffering from Bush Derangement Syndrome.

Trump mumbled once — he blamed having a dry mouth — and suddenly that was ‘big news’.

Did President Trump slur his speech?

Remember how hard people trolled Trump, trying to cast him as psychologically ‘unfit’ for his office? They even threw around words like ‘dementia’ and ‘Alzheimer’s’ to discredit him.

And yet, Trump’s very ‘trump-ian’ claim of being a ‘stable genius’ was completely backed up by the White House Doctor.

He got a perfect 30/30 on his psych test, which as some of his critics found out, was more difficult than they would have expected.

That was when Trump ‘mumbled’. But what about the other side of the aisle?

Leave aside Mad Maxine. ‘Impeach 45’ is pretty far gone. She’s considered one of the most corrupt politicians in DC. Even Daily Beast will admit that. Let’s just write her off as a ‘lost cause’.

We won’t even ask for the media to comment on Hillary, who famously claimed to have ‘Short Circuited‘… which does not easily square with the Left’s claims of her intelligence and competence. We’ve already watched the media cover for her allergies. Or was it heat stroke? Or was it pneumonia? Who knows? Who cares? She was thrown into the back of a van, and that was practically the last time we had to worry about her.

Instead, let’s look at Nancy Pelosi.

No, not her face. We don’t want that.

Especially not the disgusting face she made at the SOTU… but the verbal slips she keeps making.


On Thursday, Pelosi once again confused President Donald Trump with former President George W. Bush while speaking with a group of reporters. This is at least the sixth time she’s done so.

The clip of Pelosi was featured in the opening segment of Fox News’ “Fox News @ Night” with host Shannon Bream.

“This is a cover-up by the Republicans to protect president Bush…excuse me, president Trump in this investigation,” Pelosi said.
Source: DailyWire

Just how well do you think Nancy would score on that ‘stable genius’ test?

Think she’d still be their leader if she took it?

Better question, would she still be considered ‘of sound mind’ if she took it?

Maybe it’s a smart play for her to stay as far as possible from any such mental fitness test.

She just might find herself unemployed.

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