Dain Bramaged: Joy Behar Talks Sh*t About Mike Pence But Defends Louis Farrakhan

Carrying on their near-perfect record of being on the Wrong side of every issue.

What should we really expect?

This is the same show that tried to exonerate Roman Polanski, saying he had not committed ‘rape-rape’ by drugging and sodomizing a 13-year-old girl.

Watch Joy tap-dance around the Women’s March leaders too-close association with prominent and open race-baiter Louis Farrakhan.

Contrast that to how, Joy Behar threw that ‘little sliver’ of America between New York and LA under the bus by openly mocking Christian belief.

Behar chimed in, adding that hearing from Jesus is actually called “mental illness.” Pence himself didn’t appreciate the comments and slammed ABC News.

“To have ABC maintain a broadcast forum that compared Christianity to mental illness is just wrong,” Pence said during an appearance on C-SPAN following the controversial remarks. “It is simply wrong for ABC to have a television program that expresses that kind of religious intolerance.”

The Media Research Center launched a campaign to hold “View” co-hosts accountable for spewing “anti-Christian bigotry,” and ABC received over 30,000 phone calls from angry viewers.
Source: FoxNews

Allegedly, Joy Behar phoned up the Vice President and apologized to him.

That is a cowardly ‘retraction’.

She made a public allegation. An honest apology would require a public retraction. AND she would likewise apologize to all other Christians she maligned with that statement.

And only a few days later, as to prove how deep ‘in the tank’ she really is… she weighed in on Louis Farrakan hobknobbing with high-level Democrats.

Why should we care? Well, he’s a racist, for one. He has a history of inciting violence, for another.

He claimed to regret inciting the death of Malcom X, which was perpetrated by his followers.

Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan admits in a 60 Minutes interview broadcast Sunday and reported on Wednesday’s CBS Evening News that his incendiary rhetoric played a role in the 1965 assassination of civil rights leader Malcolm X.
Farrakhan makes the statements to Malcolm X’s daughter, Atallah Shabazz, and 60 Minutes Correspondent Mike Wallace.
Source: CBS

He later, infamously, called for 10,000 men to rise up in violence against white men.

He has called Hitler a ‘great man’. And he has made eggregious claims about Jews that would be loudly denounced if they came from the mouth of David Duke.

So when people started noticing Democrats at his meetings, it raised some eyebrows.

Obama’s smiling photo with him and the Congressional Black Caucus in 2005 was suppressed.

The’Scandal Free’ POTUS: Photo Of Obama With Farrakhan Was Buried For 18 Years

Maxine Waters was personally acknowledged in the audience by him during a speech.

The convention, which took place in California in 2002, is just the latest tie to emerge between Democrats and the Nation of Islam, a black nationalist group known for being viciously anti-Semitic.

“We have Maxine Waters here,” Farrakhan told the convention audience, gesturing to the seats behind him, “our great congresswoman from this area.” The audience cheered Waters’ name.

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THIS is the guy whose event one of the Womens’ March Chairs was called out for attending.

Mass movements are sewn together from a wide variety of sources, so they often sweep in unwanted companions as they move toward their goals. No one, however, expected to discover that three Women’s March co-chairs—Linda Sarsour, Carmen Perez, and Tamika Mallory—had ties to Farrakhan. More mysterious and disturbing was the extended reluctance of the Women’s March, nearly a year since it became public, to acknowledge Farrakhan’s extremist views and disassociate themselves from them.
It all came to a head last week, after Farrakhan delivered his address to the annual Nation of Islam gathering for Saviours’ Day, the sect’s three-day holiday honoring its founder, Wallace Fard Muhammad. Farrakhan denounced “Satanic Jews,” said that “when you want something in this world, the Jew holds the door,” and at the climax of his speech, proclaimed, “White folks are going down, and Satan is going down, and Farrakhan by God’s grace has pulled the cover off of that Satanic Jew—and I’m here to say, your time is up.”
Source: The Atlantic

Which brings us back to Joy Behar.

Who is being Criticized in this story? The left, and in particular, prominent Left-leaning activists with strong power bases in both the women’s movement as well as Islam, and whichever racial activist groups align themselves with Farrakhan’s hatred.

Behar has no hesitation throwing terms like racism, sexism and homophobia and anyone on the Right, whether she can back up her claims or not.

But let a Left get caught — in the act — and Joy can’t backpedal fast enough.

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