Cute Girl Launches Scheme To Get Out Of Debt – Now She’s Facing SERIOUS Jail Time!

Why do ‘get rich quick’ schemes have such a bad reputation? Because they don’t live up to their promises.

Normally, when you think of Canada, you’d think Mounties, moose and maple syrup. This story has police (but not mounties).

And instead of moose there’s a mule. And instead of maple syrup, there’s a ‘boatload’ of drugs. But we’re getting ahead of ourselves.

Isabelle Lagace, an attractive 29-year-old Canadian girl had debt issues. Price tag? $20,000. So, roughly the value of a modest car.

Deep in debt, what did she do? Moonlight? Dive for Uber? Maybe try her hand at modeling?

But no.

She got busted smuggling a bag filled with 30 kilos (66 lbs, street value of about $21 million) of cocaine into — Australia..?

Weird story, eh?

We’re not done yet.

She claimed she was given an ultimatum, and she did it to clear off a debt.

The judge didn’t buy it.

Judge Kate Traill said the defendant had a job, an apartment and a support network when she decided to go through with the plan.
‘There were many choices open to her to pay the debt,’ she told the court.
The judge also rejected as ‘vague and imprecise’ the woman’s claims of a threat, noting she was non-responsive and evasive when asked to elaborate.
Lagace’s said she was angry to have been involved with the ‘dirty, filthy drug trade’.
‘This will haunt me for the rest of my life.’
Source — DailyMail

Guess what? We’re STILL not done.

What’s her line of work?

She’s a Porn Star.

That’s right.

She’s ‘shocked’ and ’embarrassed’ to have lowered herself to the ‘dirty filthy drug trade’.

It’s tragic that she has fallen from that honorable and dignified profession of ‘porn star’.

Maybe this wasn’t the first ‘get-rich-quick’ scheme to backfire on her.

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