CRINGE WORTHY: Ted Cruz Talks Sex Toys On CNN And It’s WEIRD AF

Obviously, CNN cannot do ‘the journalism’. Also, Ted Cruz talking about sex toys is unbelievably awkward for everyone.

How could it not be?

It’s Ted Cruz talking about sex toys.

That shouldn’t even be a sentence.

It’s probably a violation of some sort of natural law.

But here we are with actual video.

If the zombie apocalypse occurs as a result — you’ve been warned.

I, for one, will blame CNN’s Dana Bash.

Cruz found himself in the hot seat after a staffer of his accidentally ‘liked’ a pornographic video on Twitter while still signed in on Ted Cruz’s account.

When Cruz refused to name the person that did it and said several times that it had been dealt with and was a ‘screw-up’, Bash took another tactic to sensationalize the interview.

‘Can you appreciate the irony that you once defended a Texas law banning sales of sex toys?’ she asked.

Cruz said he didn’t see the irony, actually, and then he laid into the Media (D) bias.

Cruz explained that when he was Solicitor General of Texas he was responsible for defending the laws that were passed by the Texas Legislature, and one of them was restricting the sale of sex toys.

It was his job.

He said that the Media (D) and the Left seem ‘obsessed with sex’.

But it got weird.

And fast.

Bash then asked him the most bizarre question of all — and even seemed to surprise herself.


The cringiest part is when he starts talking about being a Libertarian and letting everyone do whatever they want in the bedroom.

Just let your freak flag fly!

Is it just me, or did you also want to jump up and do shout at Ted?

Oh, Lordy.

I may never get over this.

Thanks, so much, Dana Bash.

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