Corvette Owner Has The Perfect Comeback To Envious Liberal Dork

The problem with the Left’s politics of envy is that it understands so little about the real world.

What happens when a butthurt BernieBro sees someone roll up in a nice car?

He pulls out his I’m-better-than-you finger and starts shaming the owner of the car for being so selfish with his money.

So the car owner takes him to school.

He even supplied the moral of the story.

How many of these self-righteous finger-wagging BernieBros will call out Bernie Sanders, their favorite Hollywood Heroes or Al Gore for their lavish lifestyles and multiple homes?

(Bernie Sanders, who lectures us all about greed only owns THREE houses, the poor bastard. Somebody, please take up a collection for him, especially with those fraud charges they’re facing.)

What about in their own lives? How do they personally ‘help the poor’? (Demanding someone else pay more taxes doesn’t count.) Are they volunteering at soup kitchens? Giving to food drives? Mentoring kids without dads?

Or are they going online to tell all the world how righteous they are for berating guys like the one in the Corvette?

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