Corrupt Comey Praises Shady McCabe As A ‘Hero’ – Benghazi Bad*ss Dropkicks Him Into Next Week

Here’s the difference between someone who serves his country and someone who serves himself … in two easy tweets.

James Comey has, over the last two years, managed to piss off almost EVERYBODY in the country at one point or another.

He has embroiled himself in one controversy after another, and personally became the sideshow in the election, and made the first 6 months of Trump’s presidency largely about himself. Hardly a day went by without SOMEBODY mentioning Comey’s name.

We have a name for that. ‘Attention whore’.

Here is the tweet Comey put out in response to the vote to release the FISA Memo:

Comey rushed to the defense of McCabe, who was implicated in FBI texts as behaving in a completely unprofessional and insubordinate matter to the head of the Executive Branch under which he served.

‘Small people trying to tear down an institution?’ Dude, you intentionally leaked documents to the Press, and you have yet to answer for that. You also acted WELL beyond your authority in the FBI in some of the decisions you made, including determining ‘motive’ of Hillary, and deciding Hillary’s innocence BEFORE you interviewed her.

That’s ok. Someone who actually HAS served with honor and distinction had this reply to Comey:

Which of these two men do YOU think has a better claim to Patriotism? The guy who undermined the rule of law during his time in the FBI, or the guy who actually put his @ss on the line in hotspots like Benghazi?


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