Cops Use Lethal Force Against LGBT Leader – Was It Justified?

The one thing everyone will agree with is that this was a bad situation right from the start.

Someone armed with a knife approached a pair of police officers.

They had no idea who they were dealing with, or what the person’s intent was.

Not much was said in the couple of minutes they were engaged.

Police tried to get a name or some explanation of what the knife-wielder had in mind.

Not long after initial contact, there was a yell ‘shoot me’.

Police gave the assurance that ‘nobody wants to hurt you’.

As the unknown person stepped closer toward the police — who both had their weapons drawn — police stepped backwards keeping barriers between them and the other person.

They continued to ask the name, and were answered ‘it doesn’t matter’

There were shouts of ‘drop it!’

And then shots rang out followed by the person dropping to the ground, shrieking in pain.

We later learned more about the person who was holding the knife.

The parents of a Georgia Tech student who was shot dead by campus cops late Saturday night say their child didn’t have to die.
They say Scout Schultz, 21, who identified as gender non-binary, wouldn’t have died if police had used de-escalating tactics and non-lethal measures according to 11 Alive.
They have hired trial attorney L Chris Stewart to represent them ahead of the investigation into Schultz’s death, which came after they were filmed walking toward police – who issued several warnings to drop what the cops believed was a knife.
…The release says Schultz was ‘not cooperative and would not comply with the officer’s commands.
‘Schultz continued to advance on the officers with a knife… Subsequently, one officer fired striking Schultz.’ —DailyMail

The parents would argue that there are all sorts of non-lethal options they could have used but didn’t.

Is that a realistic expectation of the police officer?

Here’s a training video talking about how quickly things can go South when there is a knife involved.

Do these scenarios surprise you the way they surprised us?

Does the ‘do not move’ command makes more sense now? As soon as Schultz closed the distance, the officer reacted.

Were they justified in using force? Or are Schultz’s parents right?

Have your say in the comments.

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