Comey Embarks On ‘Ethics & Leadership Tour’ – In Other News Satan To Hold ‘Truth Rally’

Reality Leigh Winner is sitting in jail right now while James Comey prepares to embark on tour. #MalePrivilege?

I’d give the left credit if they were asking that question but they seem too busy trying to find a way to either a) cover for Al Franken and/or b) somehow make it Trump’s fault that Al Franken did what Al Franken did.

The double standard couldn’t be more ridiculous. The same left that screeches and screams about the infamous Access Hollywood tape is the same left that says Al Franken should get a pass because he wasn’t an elected official when he sexually assaulted someone. I mean, Trump wasn’t a politician either when Access Hollywood occurred. But anyway back to Comey…

He’s going on tour. Yes, a tour. Because what we all need right now is a James Comey tour to set things straight. What is Comey’s tour going to be about. Ethics and leadership of course!

What is ethical about taking a classified memorandum and passing it off to your buddy at the New York Times in hopes it will create enough momentum to result in appointment of a special prosecutor? If in Comey’s mind it was ethical to leak one memo, what else did it pass along under the table and to whom at what media outlets or other organizations?

Was Comey exercising leadership when – as the media claimed – he was attempting to hide in the curtains rather than come out and shake President Trump’s hand? Come out come out where ever you are, Comey.

If there’s a positive to be found in the upcoming Comey tour it is this: pay attention to what he says and does during the tour and observe how similar it is to the narratives coming out of the Clinton campaign and DNC.

Speaking of DNC, in Brazile’s book she explains how the Clinton campaign commandeered the whole of the DNC. She doesn’t explain whether that arrangement ended in November 2016 after Hillary lost the Presidency. Is the DNC still a subsidiary of the Clintons?

Perhaps an ethical leader somewhere among the left can find out for us. They have so many to pick from. Comey. Franken. etc.

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