CNN’s Glory Boy, Chris Cuomo, Pushes BS Story About Buying An AR-15 Without ID

If you want to be seen as credible, Cuomo, this is NOT the way to do it.

Cuomo is pretty excited about the possibility of making it harder to legally purchase guns. He’s throwing around words like ‘kid’ to describe nineteen- and twenty-year-old adults in the process.

Rather than focus on how authorities (yet again) somehow managed NOT to apply the safeguards already on the books for background checks in the case of the guy who shot up the school in Florida… described here:

Cuomo focussed on the apparently ‘evil’ or complicit gun dealers.

What. A. Surprise.

If Cuomo doesn’t CARE about facts, and just wants to flash those Social Justice credentials to the other Democrats in the Press — well, he’s doing it right.

Well done.

Because the story he leveraged on Twitter is faker than a Clinton’s smile.

And look at his butthurt response now that he’s been called out on the lie.

But Cuomo. Don’t you get it?

You retweeted that story — to your followers — to influence them with respect to the hot-button issue of the day. The validity of the story you chose to showcase to your followers IS relevant.

And for that emotional manipulation of your followers with obvious falsehoods — and you as a ‘news man’ no less, should know better! — the Twittersphere has called BS on you.

It makes you every bit as disgraceful as the guys who published the bogus story about the ‘crisis actors’ you are criticizing today.

Here was the article in question:

He wanted us all to believe that we live in a world where a 20-year old with an expired ID can walk out of a gun shop with an AR-15.

Apparently, 20 is ‘too young’ to be a responsible gun owner.

Which must also mean that it’s too young to be a responsible voter… for similar reasons.

But he didn’t read the fine print.

The guy who ‘bought an AR-15’ in ‘5 minutes’ didn’t actually complete the paperwork or make the purchase. He was invited back at a future date to complete the purchase.

Which makes EVERYTHING in the post he retweeted wrong, and misleading. But he still used it to push forward his point.

And when called on it?


‘Willingness’ to sell a legal product in a retail store is now — somehow — a bad thing.

Maybe Chris can’t hold more than one thought in his mind at a time. Did it ever occur to him that the clerk would only discover the expired ID AFTER the purchase had been initiated?

How many cell phone sales have been cut short for exactly this reason? Are the staff at, say, Sprint somehow ‘nefarious’ for not assuming there was something to disqualify an interested buyer before they got to that step? Wouldn’t that be ‘profiling’, Chris?

And wouldn’t you be bitching about any company doing that, too?

He switches gears to ‘my lie isn’t REALLY a lie, because my narrative is true’ in 3… 2… 1…

Accurate ‘in the main’. For a reporter, that isn’t good enough, when you’re using an expolosive issue to manipulate the emotions of the public to change government policy.

That’s not reporting, that’s political arson.

Then again, he keeps repeating that long-since-debunked ‘Gun Show Loophole’.

With a hidden camera, Crowder proved that lie is wrong, too.

And Cuomo keeps calling AR’s ‘military style’. For emotional reasons.

He says he cares about making sure guns don’t fall into the hands of people who shouldn’t have them. He fails to mention that there are people falling through the cracks of already existing laws.

Like the guy who shot up that Texas Church, among others.

Should he maybe turn his attention to failure points in the already EXISTING laws being enforced by the people who were supposed to make sure guns don’t fall into the wrong hands?

Nah. He’s got other priorities.

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