CNN: Used Muppet To Push Their Refugee Propaganda… But Forgot One Thing

What, was Bill Cosby unavailable?

It’s been a long time since CNN merely reported the news. They are now far more committed to making you agree with what they believe. About pretty much everything.

That’s not just the Russia narrative they’ve been hammering, although that’s true.

It’s the other stuff, too. Like Refugee policy.

They were right there reporting not-at-all partisan stories when the courts struck down his Exec orders.

Pieces like: ‘The chances of a refugee killing you – and other surprising immigration stats’

Now they ran a real hard-hitting piece on Refugees. They brought in foreign policy expert ELMO from Sesame Street to discuss the Crisis in Syria.

Elmo — who is supposed to approximate a three-and-a-half-year-old, and therefore may appeal to some CNN viewers — had this to say about refugees:

“Did you find that the Syrian little girls and little boys were like a lot your friends here in America?” Ward asked Elmo.

“Yeah, they really were,” said the “Sesame Street” character. “It was very interesting because they like to play and learn just like Elmo and all of his friends at Sesame Street.”

Maybe it was a bad idea to bring up ‘playing with little boys and girls’.

You’d think that’s kind of a touchy subject, what with the sexual abuse allegations that the original voice of the character was facing.

They never made it to court, though, since the statutes of limitations had run out on the sexual abuse allegations that were made.

the puppeteer and voice behind Sesame Street’s beloved red monster, has been cleared of three charges of improper sexual relations with teenage boys.

The U.S. Court of Appeals, the last stop for the Elmo accusers, threw out the charges because they were outside the statute of limitations, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

New York law requires plaintiffs in cases of sexual abuse of a minor to file within six years of the alleged abuse taking place or within 3 years of the victim turning 21. — read more

If Sesame Street can keep using Elmo, maybe it’s ok to Reboot the Cosby show.

Has anyone else noticed that this is a strangely partisan message from a children’s show that benefits from taxpayer funding?

Maybe Romney’s instincts about Sesame Street were right on target.

Share if this is lame even by CNN’s ‘standards’.

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