Clash Quiz: Would You Be Surprised If The Obamas Started Openly Attending A Mosque?

Now that they’re not in office anymore… would it surprise you, or would it just make sense?

There’s the ‘official’ Obama, where he says what the American public expects a leader to say, and then there’s what he says to other audiences.

‘Officially’ he’s Christian. (-ish)

He religiously attends a Christian Church (or a golf course, whatever).

He attended a prayer breakfast at Easter, where he praised Islam and criticized Christianity for the Crusades.

(Of course, he’s probably willfully ignorant of some Inconvenient Truths about those Crusades)

He blamed an American filmmaker for Benghazi, even when he knew that was a lie, and told the ‘International Community’ he spoke to at the UN about his concerns that ‘the Future’ not ‘belong to those who slander the Prophet of Islam’.

He instructed NASA, not to primarily engage in great scientific or exploratory endeavors… but to tell Islam how wonderful they are.

He threw Israel under the bus at the UN (and even tampered with their elections)– as opposed to what Trump did, and how he was amazingly honored by Israel for it.

We could get to the reports of how Obama told our agencies to ‘stand down’ in prosecuting a criminal terror network (Hezbollah) connected to Iran because he was busy trying to kiss Iran’s backside.

(Did we mention that this multi-billion dollar terror network was, among other things, dealing in black market nuclear and chemical weapons tech?)

Would it really surprise anyone if he announced that he had ‘converted’ to Islam? Trump, for one, wouldn’t be shocked at all.

Probably the only people that would surprise are the LGBT crowd… who could be forgiven for thinking he’s secretly on their team.

Or maybe the folks who think he’s actually an atheist.

How about you? Would you be surprised if he, uh, ‘converted’?

Would You Be Surprised If The Obamas Started Openly Attending A Mosque?

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