Clash Quiz: What Kills More Americans – Rifles Or Knives?

The left has a favorite bogeyman. It’s a scary black rifle that they have nicknamed ‘assault’.

I say ‘Nicknamed’ because however much they abuse the term, nothing in its actual design would make anyone truthfully call the AR-15 an ‘assault’ weapon.

The AR means Armalite. It’s a company name.

But because of a few high-profile cases involving the single most popular brand of rifle sold in America, the AR-15 is viewed by many non-gun users as a ‘killing machine’.

Those high-profile cases have been used in supposed ‘gun free’ zones, they have had maximum lethality with very little, if any opposition until authorities were able to organize a response.

This has led, predictably, to a public outcry to ‘do something’.

Is this an emotional reaction to a series of isolated tragedies? Or is this part of a wider trend about a dangerous weapon in the hands of the public?

Let’s compare it to other common tools with lethal consequences.

So far as ‘murder’ goes, it’s pretty clear that guns are the leading tool used for murder. But we’ve already seen studies that tell us Concealed Carry permit holders have a safety record with their firearms that is even better than the Police track record.

So it’s a pretty safe guess that great majority of actual murders by handgun would be committed by using some kind of an unregistered, or unlawfully-acquired handgun. (e.g. black market or stolen).

Did you notice that the KIND of guns in the majority of the murders are not the kind people are trying to outlaw? Of course not.

Because it would be admitting that the real homicide problem is the same one that Democrats NEVER bring up. Because they have no politically expedient answers for it.

Inner city violence.

Rifles aren’t actually the most lethal weapon, by the numbers, even accounting for ‘school shootings’.

In 2016, Rifles (including the AR-15) were the implement used to commit…

374 murders.

In that same year…

472 murders employed blunt instruments like bats and hammers.

656 murders employed hands, fists or feet.

1604 murders used some sort of a knife or sharp implement.

Did you catch that?

Rifles: Knives

374 : 1604

That’s a ratio of four or five to one!

But nobody is marching against knives, swords, or machetes.

Hammers, bats, fists and knives — literally — are used to murder more people than rifles. And nobody is going to outlaw those.

Do you see marchers are holding up pictures of the two girls bludgened and stabbed to death by M-13, whose parents were remembered at the SOTU?

Of course not.

It doesn’t serve their  gun-grabbing ‘narrative’.

It moves emotions, but for the ‘wrong’ cause.

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