Clash Quiz: Guess How Many Dems Would Repeal The 2nd Amendment?

Have your money for the swear jar before going further. (You may need to stop at an ATM.)

The same crowd that is forever finding rights that don’t actually exist in the Constitution isn’t even hiding their true feelings anymore. A staggering percentage thinks we should not have the right to self-defense.

They wouldn’t even care that the Second Amendment is an extension of a person’s natural right to defend themselves or their loved ones from threats against their person, property or liberty.

(Probably because they VOTED for threats against that last one.)

But if their party’s public mouthpieces are spewing crap like this…

Trevor Noah was similarly amused by the students’ debate with Rubio on Thursday’s Daily Show. He, too, relished the moment when Rubio inadvertently inspired applause by suggesting a full-out ban on semi-automatic rifles; as Noah put it, “Rubio said the solution like it was the problem.”
Source: VanityFair

… should the sheer number of leftists who oppose the Second Amendment really surprise us?

Over a Third of Democrats Would Repeal Second Amendment
The vast majority of Democrats also support banning all semi-automatic weapons.
More than a third of the Democratic party would do away with the Second Amendment, a survey by The Economist and YouGov revealed.

Even 21 percent of the American public would support that plan, according to the study.
The survey also showed that a majority of Democrats, 82 percent, are in favor of banning semi-automatic weapons, which include handguns as well as rifles. Only slightly over half of Republicans, 53 percent, are against this proposal.
Source: National Review

Here is a screenshot of one chart from that survey with a few of the more interesting figures highlighted.

Some platforms have even said as much already. You see phrases like “Forget about ‘gun control,’ let’s repeal the Second Amendment”.

Do the percentages surprise you? Or were they more or less what you expected?

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