Clash Poll: Who’s More Disgusting — Michelle Wolf or Her Crowd?

While everyone else was ragging on Michelle Wolf’s unfunny scathing attack on Sarah, one observer made a point everyone else missed.

Michelle Wolf wasn’t just ‘gloves off’ in a roast on (among others) Sarah Huckabee Sanders. It was an embarrassingly angry full frontal assault.

Dinners like this have a rich history of ‘celbrity roasts’. But here’s the problem. There are ‘rules to the game’.

Roasts are absolutely SUPPOSED to ‘go there’ and bring up any elephants in the room. But when they become just another angry partisan blast, they stop being comedic, they abuse the invitation they have been offered.

Michelle Wolf –a comic I had never heard of — was mean, dumb and notably unfunny at Saturday’s White House Correspondents’ Dinner, but her audience was worse. They should have unanimously walked out on her or, at the least, taken the leftover monkfish on their plates and heaved it toward the stage until the woman ceased her vulgar and unnecessarily vicious attacks on Sarah Huckabee Sanders, who was sitting about twenty feet away with her husband.

But with some notable exceptions, they did nothing. Some even applauded. Or laughed at this humorless harridan. It was the Robespierre moment of the #MeToo movement. Sisterhood is no longer powerful. It’s sadistic – especially when aimed at women on the “wrong” side. This is of a piece with sudden silence about the accusations against Tom Brokaw. Feminism isn’t just dead. It’s decomposed.

Later some MSM stalwarts would mutter that it was all a shame, that the evening was more important than Wolf’s perhaps unfortunate witticisms. After all, this was the Golden Age of Journalism. That was what should have been emphasized. Look how Donald Trump was being so bravely exposed.
Source: PJMedia

A gossip is stopped when they can’t find someone to whisper it to. In the same way, a comic’s act is over when they ‘lose the room’.

All it would have taken is a chorus of boos from her supposed allies in the Resist movement to make her realize she had crossed a line of decorum.

It was a chorus of boos that would have served the Journalists’ cause of been seen as impartial and professional, too.

Tim Alberta from Politico — who often give Trump a VERY rough ride — knows exactly what price their profession just paid.

That room just did more to prove Tump’s claims about bias and fake news to be exactly right.

Only in writing ths story did we learn something that gives us a rare opportunity to praise the New York Times.

Nope. Sorry NYT,  it looks like we have to take that compliment back.

As for that supposed ‘courage’, the Handmaid’s Tale description of repressed women does come rather close to a real-world counterpart. But tagging Pense with it is way off.

(Hint: if you tell the joke properly get ready for a lawsuit from CAIR.)

Who's More Disgusting — Michelle Wolf or Her Crowd?

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